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June 2012







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Feature Articles

A Step-by-step Approach to Helping Your Clients Successfully Lose Weight and Tone Up

By Pete McCall, M.S.

How many times have you heard clients say they want to lose weight and tone up? Unfortunately, clients and even some trainers often share misconceptions about what it really takes to achieve these goals. While there are no easy solutions, ACE Exercise Physiologist Pete McCall explains the research-based techniques and approaches you can use to create a safe and effective program for helping your client lose weight and increase muscle tone.
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Think Outside the (Gym) Box: Creative Techniques for Taking Your Favorite Classes and Workouts Into the Great Outdoors

By Carrie Myers

When the weather starts to warm up, the urge to take your workouts outdoors can become impossible to resist. But unless you teach boot camp classes, is this really practical or worth the extra effort? Whether you teach yoga, cycling or circuit classes, with a little creativity and some planning, you can help your participants enjoy the increased benefits of “green” exercise.
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What’s Eating Your Clients? Five Proven Strategies for Overcoming Emotional Eating

By Michelle Zive, M.S., R.D.

An astonishing 75 percent of overeating may be linked to emotional eating. As a fitness professional, you can play a major role in helping clients overcome their tendency to self-soothe with food. Here are five proven strategies you can offer your clients to help them put an end to the damaging cycle of emotional eating.
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High-intensity Interval Training for Clinical Populations

By Lance Dalleck, Ph.D.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has traditionally been used to train athletes, but new research suggests HIIT is also safe for clinical populations and may be even more effective for improving cardiorespiratory fitness and health than continuous, moderate-intensity exercise. Here is a detailed guide for safely designing and implementing HIIT programs for clients with common clinical conditions.
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Could Leafy Greens Be the Perfect Pre-workout Snack?

There is no question that exercise is incredibly healthy, but it also puts stress on the body, creating a build-up of free radicals, which could potentially damage one’s DNA. A small new study, however, suggests that a way to alleviate that stress could be as close as your local farmer’s market.
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Your Grandmother … the Athlete?

Your grandmother probably isn’t cut out for pull-ups and sports-conditioning drills, so why would you want her trainer to incorporate those movements into her workout plan? Explore the pros and cons of the popular fitness trend of “training your grandmother like you train athletes,” and learn how you can help all your clients avoid injury.
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Search for ACE ConEd Easier

Search easier at thanks to a new streamlined continuing education section of our website. Find the courses, bundles and workshops you want faster with categorized navigation and the ability to target CEC value. Buy now and you can get 10% off.
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Three Ways to Sell Functional Training

Contrary to popular fitness trends that have branded functional training as an explosive training regimen of flipping tires and climbing ropes, results-oriented training can be tailored to clients of all fitness abilities. Check out three ways you can sell training packages by focusing on common “problem areas.”
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