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July 2011

New Fitness Frontlines Blog



We’re excited to launch a new section of the ACE Web site dedicated to practicing fitness professionals like you. Here you can find the latest issues of ACE Certified News and a variety of resources to keep you on the forefront of fitness.

A primary component of this new section of our Web site is the Fitness Frontlines blog featuring weekly posts from thought leaders at ACE and industry experts regarding the latest research, best practices, and innovative tools and techniques geared to boost your career. You’ll come away with practical information, insight and tips in the areas of business and marketing, functional movement, strength training, cardio training, core training, metabolic conditioning, performance training, group exercise, small-group training, mind-body exercise, behavior change, coaching and motivation to achieve lasting results with clients and to build a successful career.

Check out the latest posts and remember to come back frequently as new posts are added weekly.

Aerobic Interval Training – Moving Away from Antiquated Models by Fabio Comana, M.A., M.S.

Aerobic interval (AI) training has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional steady-state aerobic (SS) exercise, a long-standing staple for improving cardiovascular fitness. What AI offers over SS is the ability to introduce frequent changes in exercise intensity to increase the overall volume of overload before inducing fatigue (i.e., by allowing appropriate recoveries between work intervals). Read More »

Debunking Fitness Myths: The Squat by Pete McCall, M.A.

Have you ever tried over and over to teach a client an exercise that should be simple to learn and yet they don’t seem to get it? Teaching clients how to do an exercise correctly can be one of the most frustrating challenges we face as trainers. As I set about trying to teach my client how to squat correctly, she kept telling me that she was afraid of injuring her knees and had heard that her knees should never go past her toes while squatting. Read More »

Creating Rapport: The Doorway to an Effective, Enduring, Training Relationship by Michael Mantell, Ph.D.

Consider this: With every conversation you have with a new client, there are six people you must be aware of. The first two include what each of you said to each other. The second two come from what each of you meant to say. Then there are two additional people that come from what you each understood the other to say. Lots of first impressions to make, aren’t there? Read More»

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Joining Forces – Why You Should Get Involved!

The call to help military members and their families rings out all across the nation asking Americans to give back to our men and women in uniform. Find out why you should support military personnel and their families by enriching their lives through fitness by participating in Joining Forces.
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New Fitness Frontlines Blog

We’ve launched a new section of the ACE Web site dedicated to keeping practicing fitness professionals like you on the forefront of fitness. Read the latest from leading industry experts in our new Fitness Frontlines blog, and be sure to stop by weekly for new articles.
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Become a Symposium Volunteer

Wondering how you can get a rewarding, hands-on experience working with ACE staff and other industry experts, plus entrance into the ACE Fitness Symposium at no cost? The volunteer program just might be for you!
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