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July 2011

Whole Body

Vibration Training

Can You Really Shake Yourself Fit?

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Feature Articles

Does Reality TV Go Too Far?


The Biggest Loser. Heavy. Fat March. I Used to Be Fat. Each of these television reality shows feature morbidly obese participants exercising several hours per day during an intensive, multi-month period. Certain shows encourage previously sedentary clients to work out for five or more hours daily. The results? Some participants shed more than half of their body weight in less than six months, with others losing as much as 10 to 20 pounds in a week.
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Yoga and Posture


Yoga is particularly effective for enhancing posture because it massages the skeletal system, which supports bone mass and growth, while reducing stress on the supporting muscles and tendons. The key is to focus on opening the pectorals and strengthening the back and core. Here are some great poses you can use with your clients to help improve their posture.
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Simple Steps to Eliminate the Obesity Epidemic


With the national obesity rate at 26.5 percent, and the percentage of overweight Americans topping 60 and escalating, is there really anything one person—or one fitness professional—can do to make a difference? Chris Freytag argues that fitness professionals are ideally suited to help eliminate obesity in America and offers valuable tips for helping clients make small but significant lifestyle changes that can make a big difference over time.
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USDA Replaces Pyramid With Plate

Out with the food pyramid and in with the plate. While some experts welcome the new, simplified symbol, only time will tell if the plate proves more effective than its predecessor and has a major impact on our nation’s fight against the obesity epidemic. Learn more about this new tool to help your clients follow healthier diets.
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An Elliptical Cross-Trainer on Three Wheels?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your elliptical trainer outdoors? That’s the concept behind the StreetStrider, which uses the movements of both the legs and the arms to meld the motion of jogging, cycling, and cross-country skiing into one. But does it offer a good workout? New exclusive ACE research examines the fitness benefits of this product.
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Joining Forces – Why You Should Get Involved!

The call to help military members and their families rings out all across the nation asking Americans to give back to our men and women in uniform. Find out why you should support military personnel and their families by enriching their lives through fitness by participating in Joining Forces.
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New Fitness Frontlines Blog

We’ve launched a new section of the ACE Web site dedicated to keeping practicing fitness professionals like you on the forefront of fitness. Read the latest from leading industry experts in our new Fitness Frontlines blog, and be sure to stop by weekly for new articles.
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Become a Symposium Volunteer

Wondering how you can get a rewarding, hands-on experience working with ACE staff and other industry experts, plus entrance into the ACE Fitness Symposium at no cost? The volunteer program just might be for you!
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Ace Certified News

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Technical Editor: Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D.
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