Cytosport Muscle Milk

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Cytosport Muscle Milk

Manufacturer: Cytosport

Price Range: $5.95 - $11.56

Manufacturer Description

According to the manufacturer, Cytosport, Muscle Milk nutritional shake is an "evolutionary" muscle building formula promoting efficient fat burning, lean muscle growth and fast recovery from exercise.  It was the “best ready-to-drink supplement” award winner in 2008 and 2009.

Manufacturer Specifications

11oz (330ml) or 17oz (500ml) ready-to-drink nutritional shake, lactose free, high protein.  An 11oz container contains 240 calories, 11 grams of fat, 22 grams of protein, and 20%+ of the RDA for 20 vitamins and minerals.  Available in chocolate or “light” chocolate shake, cookies and cream, banana creme, strawberries n’ cream, and vanilla crème and chocolate malt. Also available as a powder.  Price range of $5.95-$11.56 is for a package of four 11oz-containers.

ACE Expert Review

Cytosport’s ready-to-drink Muscle Milk is advertised as a product that promotes efficient fat burning, lean muscle growth and fast recovery from exercise.  While these claims are hard to prove, Muscle Milk’s protein may be effective in helping in helping to build muscle mass when combined with strenuous resistance training in which muscle tissue is broken down. 

Muscle Milk contains whey and casein protein.  Whey protein is quickly digested within 30 minutes of consumption whereas casein takes two to seven hours.  Both types of proteins are high-quality proteins that contain all of the essential amino acids and are well-digested and utilized by the body.  Because Muscle Milk contains a blend of the two proteins, amino acids should be available in the body to help regenerate muscles anywhere from 30 minutes to seven hours after the consumption.

Importantly, the supplement won’t work alone – it has to be combined with strenuous resistance training activity to have any effect.  A lot of products on the market work similarly to Muscle Milk; however, Muscle Milk may be the best known mostly due to the fact that, unlike its competitors, it actually tastes ok.

In general, while some supplements may in fact provide beneficial effects, consumers should purchase and use these products cautiously. Similar to all other supplements, Muscle Milk is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, as such its claims have not been evaluated nor validated, and supplement use may prove harmful. Many of the benefits of protein supplements can be obtained from consumption of whole foods.

What we liked:

  • Good tasting compared to competitors, although you have to shake it well or else it tastes like flavored water.
  • High protein content plus vitamins and minerals makes it a good way to help rebuild protein and replenish nutrients after a strenuous resistance training workout.

What we didn't like:

  • Expensive.  You could get the same amount of protein from food sources for a lot less money.
  • High saturated fat content (4.5grams per 11oz container – that’s 22% of the recommended daily value based on a 2000 calorie diet).
  • Supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and so product claims have not been tested or verified and must be evaluated critically.

November 27, 2009

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