AthleKinetix Fitness Challenge DVDs

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AthleKinetix Fitness Challenge DVDs

Manufacturer: AthleKinetix

Price Range: $19.95 - $29.99

Manufacturer Description

The Athlekinetix Fitness Challenge program is a 3-DVD set with 2.5 hours of exercises promoted as a home workout for the beginner to professional athlete that features no-rest intervals and no repetition of the same exercise during the workout. Using no choreography, this aspect is geared to alleviate intimidation people often feel with choreographed routines, especially for those who consider themselves uncoordinated.

The instructor, Christina Leon, and her assistant demonstrate a number of different exercises for the legs, core, and upper body that challenge the cardiovascular system, balance and flexibility while aim at improving muscular strength and definition.  The manufacturer states you can mix and match exercises for a new workout every time – exercising for 10 minutes to up to 2 hours.

The structure of the workout program is designed as a circuit where the participants move from one exercise to the next with no rest, except to change equipment.  The instructors demonstrate two different levels of exercises and the participant can chose to do the more challenging exercise, or the modified version being demonstrated by the second instructor.  If individuals begin with the basic exercises demonstrated with just the dumbbells they can follow this program and as they improve their fitness levels they can invest in the other equipment required to do the more advanced exercises.  

Manufacturer Specifications

The AthleKinetix Fitness Challenge DVD has three DVDs with over 2.5 hours of workouts to challenge your cardio, balance, flexibilty and muscular endurance. p>


ACE Expert Review

The two disc series feature two full-length workouts with two different instructors who each demonstrate ways to do the same exercises but with different equipment.  One instructor uses a variety of equipment like a BOSU Balance Trainer, Body Bar, Gliders and dumbbells and demonstrates the challenging version of the exercises while the other instructor demonstrates modified versions of the exercises using just a pair of dumbbells, which are an effective option for individuals just beginning an exercise program. For individuals looking for a challenging workout program that does not require a large investment in equipment the Athlekinetix program meets that need. 

The workout program is creative and dynamic and is definitely challenging.  For people looking for a home workout DVD which provides options for strength, cardio and flexibility the Athletkinetix program meets those needs.  The exercises were fun and creative and they sequencing from one movement to the next is designed to reduce boredom and keep the participant moving. The exercises can be done all at once, or participants can choose to do one section, labeled “Challenges” at a time if they do not have the time to do the entire workout.  The nice thing about the Athlekinetix format is that it allows the user to either do the entire workout, or only their favorite challenges if they find they have a limited amount of time to exercise.

The workouts are fun and going from one exercise to the next with minimal rest keeps the heart rate up which will be challenging at first for previously inactive participants, but they should see rapid improvements in strength and fitness if they follow the program.  The only concern about the video is with the plyometric exercises. Concerning the length and number of repetitions of the plyometric drills, they recommend too many and you should instead only do what you feel comfortable with instead of trying to keep up with the video.  Christina claims that plyometrics are a way to elevate the heart rate. While that is a result of performing plyometric exercises, the true purpose of plyometric exercises is to enhance the power output of the muscle by minimizing the transition time between muscle lengthening and muscle shortening—the faster the muscle converts from lengthening to shortening the more power is developed.  Plyometrics are designed to be completed in only a few repetitions of maximal muscle exertion and it is not recommended to do more than 6-8 repetitions of any explosive, plyometric exercise at any one time.  It is recommended that people following this workout should consider that and modify the plyometric exercises accordingly.  Otherwise the Athlekinetix DVDs provide a fun, challenging, and dynamic workout that will be sure to improve the fitness levels of anyone who follows the program as recommended. 

What we liked:

  • A variety of fun, challenging exercises
  • Minimal rest to keep the heart rate elevated
  • Good verbal and visual instructions to demonstrate both the challenging and modified versions of the same exercise
  • The workout is designed to be completed as one entire circuit or the “Challenges” can be performed as separate workouts for those with time constraints.

What we didn't like:

  • The overused cue to “tighten the core” without explaining what this really means to consumers, as it easily could be done insufficiently
  • The misuse of plyometric exercises – too many reps and too lengthy for the drills

April 1, 2010

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