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Manufacturer: SPRI

Price Range: $18.95 - $19.00

Manufacturer Description

According to the manufacturer, this tubing is designed to condition the muscles of the lower body and is an alternative to the Xercuffs tubing. Available in medium resistance (red), heavy resistance (blue), very heavy resistance (purple). Instruction sheet included.

Manufacturer Specifications

ACE Expert Review

SPRI Lateral Resistor Tubing is a single, linear elastic tube attached to a nylon cuff equipped with Velcro® to strap around the lower legs. It is promoted as being ideal for the development of dynamic lower body quickness and reaction. An exercise instruction sheet detailing proper usage and various exercises is provided with the purchase of each SPRI Lateral Resistor Tube.

What we liked:

  • The SPRI Lateral Resistor Tubing is ideal for adding resistance to the lower body during motions in each plane of movement (for example, side lunges, front lunges, diagonal lunges, and wide squats).
  • Because the length of the tube is relatively short, the user feels resistance from the beginning to the end of the exercise movement’s range of motion.
  • The cuffs are padded and comfortable when attached to the lower leg, even when the leg reaches the end of its range of motion when performing wide-stance activities.
  • The cuffs are positioned so that they are easy to strap on the lower legs.
  • SPRI Lateral Resistor Tubing is lightweight and portable.
  • SPRI Lateral Resistor Tubing is a good alternative to using exercise cable machines for training the lower body.

What we didn't like:

  • People with balance problems or who are very weak might have trouble performing many of the standing exercises recommended for use with the SPRI Lateral Resistor Tubing.

October 9, 2009

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