Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide

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Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide

Manufacturer: Rodale Press

Price Range: $15.85 - $16.00

Manufacturer Description

This book was designed to provide an insider’s guide to smart, healthy, low-cost food choices. From the produce section to the frozen-food aisle, the book claims that supermarkets are loaded with 50,000 food choices. The book sets out to uncover fake “healthy” foods and rip-off supermarket “bargains.” The book provides an illustrated guide to thousands of foods—along with the nutrition secrets intended to lead to fast and permanent weight loss.

Manufacturer Specifications

Author: David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding; Pub. Date: December 2008; Publisher: Rodale Press, Incorporated; Format: Paperback, 336pp; Estimated price: $15.85; ISBN-13: 9781605298382/ISBN: 1605298387

ACE Expert Review

Eat This, Not That! Is a quick reference guide for making on-the-spot decisions about what to eat in some of America’s most popular restaurants. According to the preface, the book was written in response to a restaurant industry that often does its best to mask the calorie, fat, and sodium content of its meals.

Some restaurant chains simply refuse to offer nutrition information to the public, while others use healthy-sounding names to mislead their customers. The goal of the book is to “turn you into the expert” when you are sitting at the table or waiting in line at the drive-thru. The beauty of this book is in its simplicity. Each two-page spread covers a single restaurant chain and features “Eat This” foods on left-hand page and “Not That” foods on the right. Just stick with the options on the left and you’ll save yourself hundreds of unwanted, empty calories. The fun lies in the surprises you’ll uncover along the way. For example, who would have guessed that McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese has less than half the sodium of their Premium Grilled Chicken Club? Or that King Crab Legs at Red Lobster have 11 times the fat of the 1.5-pound Live Maine Lobster?

Of course, if readers find themselves making these types of choices on a regular basis they are probably on the wrong path diet- and health-wise. That said, this book offers real-world advice that would certainly help people make wiser choices and cut calories from their diets when dining out, even if limiting how often you go to most of the featured eateries would be the best choice of all.

What we liked:

  • Menu decoders offer tips and keywords to look for, broken down by type of food from pizza to sushi.
  • Holiday and special occasion guides are provided, including primers on Halloween candy and movie theater food.
  • The supermarket guide covers everything from ice cream to soup.

What we didn't like:

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October 9, 2009

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