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SPRI StrengthCords

Manufacturer: SPRI

Price Range: $23.99 - $27.99

Manufacturer Description

According to the manufacturer, the StregnthCord offers additional benefits of the original SPRI resistance bands. Strengthcords are comprised of a foam handle at each end and four braided SPRI tubes to add durability and help increase performance. The StrengthCord is available in 5 different resistance levels: Level 1 for very light resistance; Level 2 for light resistance; Level 3 for medium resistance; Level 4 for heavy resistance; Level 5 for very heavy resistance.


Manufacturer Specifications

ACE Expert Review

The SPRI StrengthCord is made by weaving four strands of elastic tubing together in a braided pattern. The padded handles at each end of the StrengthCord rotate around a nylon strap attached to the tubing so the user can maintain a comfortable grip as the hands move through the exercises. The SPRI StrengthCord provides elastic resistance for a variety of exercises for the whole body.

What we liked:

  • The SPRI StrengthCord is an attractive product as the braided pattern provides a unique aesthetic to the elastic tubing.
  • In addition to a color-coded system that identifies the various strengths of the tubing, each handle is numbered according to the challenge of the StrengthCord (for example, a number 1 indicates an easy level, whereas a number 2 represents a harder level of resistance, and so on).
  • The product is sturdy and well-constructed and appears to be more durable than a typical single-strand resistance tube.
  • Similar to other elastic tubing, the SPRI StrengthCord is lightweight and portable.

What we didn't like:

  • The promotional materials claim that the SPRI StrengthCord’s “braided, rope-like construction meets and exceeds the most rigorous training applications.” However, a traditional single-strand resistance tube will work just as well for all exercises.
  • The SPRI StrengthCord is considerably more expensive than a traditional single-strand resistance tube, so if cost is a concern, an exerciser can get the same benefit from purchasing traditional tubing.

October 9, 2009

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