TRX Suspension Trainer Professional

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TRX Suspension Trainer Professional

Manufacturer: Fitness Anywhere

Price Range: $149.95 - $150.00

Manufacturer Description

According to the manufacturer, the TRX Suspension Trainer features unrivaled portability and versatility and is designed for athletes of all levels. It is comprised of industrial-grade nylon webbing and sewn with heavy-guage bonded nylon thread (double-stitched). Other features include adjustable CAM buckles, club-grade grips and integrated foot cradles and carabineer with locking tooth. The kit includes the TRX Suspension Trainer, All Body Xpress DVD, Waterproof fold-out Training Guide and the TRX Storage bag.

Manufacturer Specifications

Materials: 1 ½" industrial-grade nylon webbing; Heavy-gauge bonded nylon thread, double-stitched; Adjustable non-slip CAM buckles; Club-grade grips, integrated foot cradles with neoprene padding; Carabineer with locking tooth; Adjusts from 6' to 12' in length; Supports up to 1,250 lbs; Weight: 1.79 lbs

ACE Expert Review

The TRX Suspension Training System consists of 12 feet of nylon webbing equipped with handles and foot straps, and comes with instructional DVDs and illustrated workouts. This device can be anchored to a doorframe, exercise machine frame, or other sturdy weightbearing structure and uses a combination of the exerciser’s body weight and gravity as resistance against which to perform various exercises. Because the body is partially suspended, the exercises require the user to draw on the core and other stabilizing muscles throughout each movement.

What we liked:

  • The TRX is lightweight and portable, allowing the exerciser to workout at a variety of locations.
  • The webbing, handles, and straps are made with durable, strong materials.
    The device encourages exercise motion in all three planes of movement, providing a functional challenge to the body’s core muscles.
  • The TRX allows for the performance of each exercise at various skill and fitness levels.
  • Exercises performed on the TRX can add an element of variety to any workout.

What we didn't like:

  • The TRX is a bit pricey for a lightweight, portable piece of exercise equipment.
  • Initially, the exercises are awkward and challenging to master for new users.
  • The DVD and instructional brochure that accompany the system are well-produced, but could offer more variety of exercises.
  • Many of the exercises promoted for the TRX can be performed more comfortably and with less confusion using other equipment, such as stability balls and elastic tubing.

October 9, 2009

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