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StrongBoard Balance

Manufacturer: StrongBoard Balance

Price Range: $249.00 - $249.00

Manufacturer Description

StrongBoard Balance is portable and electricity-free.  Its platform rests upon four compression springs, allowing individuals to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises.  The primary function of StrongBoard Balance is to strengthen the stabilizing muscles.


Manufacturer Specifications

StrongBoard Balance has 4 individual compression springs situated between a base and a platform. The unique effect of StrongBoard Balance is how the springs work once weight is applied. When a user stands on the board, the springs compress.


ACE Expert Review

 Stability and balance are the foundations for effective movement. The primary goal of the StrongBoard Balance is to strengthen the body through emphasizing the use of the core to balance and stabilize the body. The product consists of two platforms joined by 4 compression springs. The springs are positioned such that the bottom platform rests on the ground while the user stands, sits or places their hands on the top platform, which is elevated by the springs about 6 inches above the bottom platform. The springs are centered toward the middle of the board to create a unique unstable surface. The shape of the platforms allows the user to use the board both with a narrow foot or hand position or a standard foot or hand position. This variability significantly changes the amount of stability required to perform an exercise.


Like many of the other stability products on the market there is a broad range of exercises that can be performed on the StrongBoard Balance. With correct coaching and proper progression the board could be an effective tool for any Fitness Professional. From rehab to sports performance, bootcamps and group training this equipment had a broad range of applications. There is the option to order the springs in different colors which provides a different look and would allow the board to fit a club or team colors giving it a more personalized look. The website shows a number of exercises targeted for different parts for the body with a short easy video to demonstrate the movement.


For the majority of people getting on and off the board the first few times is challenging. This is easily overcome by a quick review of the correct way to step on and to dismount – also provided on the website. It is important to step up into the correct starting position because once on the board it can be challenging to change one’s foot position due to the instability.


Overall the StrongBoard Balance provides the ability to train balance, core strength and posture. Its portability makes it easy to take anywhere and there is no set up required. It is shipped ready to use.


What we liked            


  • Creates a fun way to try traditional exercises

  • Offers many different exercise options for a very wide a variety of populations

  • Can be used on its own for balance movements or combined with other equipment such as dumbbells

  • For use indoors and outdoors


What we didn’t like


  • Initial difficulty in getting on and off the platform

  • Cannot easily change foot position during an exercise

  • Website claims the board will give “real results much faster than traditional core workouts targeting the same muscle groups”. To claim this they would need to provide the evidence based research to support this claim


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