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Mio Active

Manufacturer: Mio

Price Range: $100.00 - $100.00

Manufacturer Description

Move. Measure. Motivate. The Mio Active watch tracks total calories burned through measurement of steps, speed and distance.

Manufacturer Specifications

Lightweight watch with “Smart Touch” sensors that tracks heart rate while exercising; designed for people with smaller wrists.

ACE Expert Review

For many, heart-rate measurement during exercise is important for performance and goal achievement. Heart-rate straps can be bulky or uncomfortable and heart-rate sensors on fitness equipment are questionable. The Mio Active watch was designed to change that by providing “EKG-accurate heart rate” with a touch of two fingers to the sides of the watch. Additional features, such as upper and lower heart-rate alerts, percent of max heart rate and a visual indicator of exertion level, allow for users to monitor heart rate in real time. Included with the watch is a printed manual; however, if you are more of a visual learner, there is an excellent 16-minute, step-by-step YouTube instructional video that goes into great detail on the features of the Mio Active.

In addition to the heart-rate features, the Mio Active also includes a built-in advanced accelerometer to count steps, measure distance traveled and estimate speed. The watch has enough data storage for seven days of metabolic data collection.

There is a calorie-tracking feature on the Mio Active called Meal Active Connect. All calorie information must be manually entered into the watch (meaning you need to know how many total calories you ate during lunch and enter that number into the watch). Newer watches by Mio have integrated the MyFitnessPal mobile fitness app into the watch, which eliminates the need to manually record the number of calories consumed.

Overall, the Mio Active provides a strapless, heart-rate monitoring watch with a variety of heart-rate zone tools to maximize your workouts. The watch has a moderate learning curve on how to use each feature, and remembering to touch the watch with two fingers can be a challenge. General fitness consumers or those new to exercise will like the watch; higher-end athletes, however, will likely find some of the features cumbersome and difficult to use during exercise. The company offers more advanced models of devices with different functionality.


 What we liked:

·   Small yet comfortable to wear on wrist

·   Easy-to-see watch display

·   Scrolling watch data includes time, date and number of steps

·   Company offers data sharing with certain products with popular fitness apps

What we didn’t like:

·   Difficult to find information on website

·   Challenging to touch both smart sensors on opposite side of the watch while exercising


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