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Nayad Aqua Sportswear

Manufacturer: Nayad SwimGym

Price Range: $54.00 - $118.00

Manufacturer Description

Nayad Aqua Sportswear is a line of multipurpose apparel that is ideal for any activity, in or out of the water. Nayad suits are made by hand to an individual’s measurements, aesthetic and style preferences.

Manufacturer Specifications

Each of the following pieces is made from high quality 4-way stretch blends of nylon spandex: Aqua Sports Bra, Aqua Fitness Tops, Aqua Bottoms, Aqua Shorts and Aqua Skirts.

ACE Expert Review

When it comes to shopping for athletic swimwear, finding the perfect suit that provides the right level of coverage and support for your individual body type that is also functional for a variety of physical activities can be a daunting task.  Nayad Aqua Sportswear, which is custom handmade apparel that can be worn comfortably and fashionably in and out of the water, may be the perfect swimsuit option for those who want to feel confident, sexy and free to take on any outdoor or indoor activity they so choose.

Available in several different style options, Nayad Aqua Sportswear makes shopping for swimwear that much easier, as each item is custom-made to your specific measurements, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Because the fit is such an important part of what makes these products so unique, it is important that individuals measure their bust, rib cage and hip width accurately—along with providing an accurate bra cup size—which the Nayad website provides step by step instructions on how to do.

Each product Nayad offers is sold individually, allowing individuals to customize their “swimgym” suit based on their personal preferences. There are two options for tops—the Aqua Sports Bra and the Aqua Fitness Top—each of which provides varying degrees of coverage yet the same level of support. The only difference between the two top options is that the Aqua Fitness Top covers the midsection of the body, while the Aqua Sports Bra does not. As for bottoms, Nayad offers three options to choose from—Aqua Bottoms, Aqua Shorts and Aqua Skirts. The Aqua Bottoms are available in four different variations, all of which most closely resemble a traditional bikini bottom with varying levels of coverage. The Aqua Shorts, which can be worn alone or over a bikini bottom, look more like athletic shorts and are offered in either a 2” or 4” inseam. As for the Aqua Skirts, there are two options to choose from—the Aqua Skort with built in shorts and additional coverage in comparison to the Aqua Shorts, and the Reversible Cover-Up Skirt, which can easily be worn over any swim bottom or shorts on land or in the water. Each item is available in a wide variety of colors, including prints.

In addition to each piece being custom-made to the wearer’s specific body measurements, all of the items are also hand-sewn in St. Thomas using a high quality nylon-spandex blend that is figure flattering, durable and quick drying. With more than just swimming in mind, each Nayad suit is designed to provide coverage, comfort and support for a variety of athletic activities, from stand-up paddle boarding and cycling, to a game of beach volleyball or tennis.

While the price point may be a bit higher than an average swimsuit, the versatility of Nayad Aqua Sportswear allows individuals to engage in a wide variety of activities, while the custom-fit and assortment of coverage options ensures the suit is made with the individual’s specific body type in mind, which is much more than a store bought swimsuit has to offer.

Overall, Nayad Aqua Sportswear is high quality athletic apparel that is great for both swimming and land-based activities, providing wearers with the level of coverage they desire and a customized fit perfect for those who want to both look and feel great in a swimsuit while also feeling confident and well supported for any physical activity they engage in.


What we liked:

o   High quality material that is hand-sewn for added durability

o   Each item is custom-made to an individual’s unique measurements ensuring a figure flattering fit

o   Versatility of the suits to be worn both in the water and on land for a wide variety of physical activities


What we didn’t like:

o   The cost is a bit higher than an average swimsuit






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