Stress Away Strap

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Stress Away Strap

Manufacturer: Happy Body Wellness LLC

Price Range: $12.95 - $0.00

Manufacturer Description

The Stress Away Strap is a portable device that uses body weight to gently stretch and traction tight, stiff or achy muscles.

Manufacturer Specifications

Includes two “comfort grip” handles, one strap, doorjamb anchor, hanging instructional stretch and strength chart, instructional booklet, “exercise in progress” hanging door sign, anytime/anywhere attachment, online access to workouts and stretching routines

ACE Expert Review

One of the most neglected areas of fitness is flexibility, often limited to a few quick stretches at the end of a cardio workout. But regular flexibility training can do wonders for increasing range of motion and easing muscle soreness and pain. The Stress Away Strap, which its makers call a portable wellness tool, is designed to help exercisers improve flexibility and provide muscle relief.

The Strap is comprised of a doorjamb anchor positioned between two comfort grip handles. Although the manufacturers claim the strap is “one size fits ALL,” larger or heavier exercisers may feel less secure, particularly while performing exercises that require the user to hang a significant portion of his or her body weight on the strap. Users are advised to check both the positioning of the strap in the doorjamb and the strap itself for wear and tear prior to each use.

The Strap comes with a manual and an instructional chart that includes both strength and stretching exercises. Strength exercises include squats (while holding on to the strap with both hands), biceps body curls and triceps body presses. Flexibility exercises target the hamstrings, calves, shoulders, chest and more. Users can also access additional stretches and how-to videos at

Although many of these exercises can be performed without the Strap, the visual cue of leaving it anchored in a doorway does offer a regular reminder to stop and stretch for a few minutes (or even just 60 seconds). At a cost of just $12.95, the Stress Away Strap is a small investment that has the potential to offer big dividends if it is used regularly.


What we liked:

o   Low-cost device that encourages regular flexibility training

o   Provides opportunities to both strengthen muscles and improve flexibility throughout the day

o   Easy-to-use device with handy instructional guide that can be anchored to device; additional workouts and instructional videos available online 


What we didn’t like:

o   Larger or heavier exercisers may not feel secure performing some exercises.







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