Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever: A 4-Step Permanent Weight Loss Plan from the Most Successful "Biggest Loser" of All Time

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Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever: A 4-Step Permanent Weight Loss Plan from the Most Successful "Biggest Loser" of All Time

Manufacturer: Publisher Name: Avery

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One of the most successful contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser shares his time-tested fitness program, which has helped hundreds of his students lose thousands of combined pounds…and keep them off.

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Hardcover, 9 X 6 x 1.4, 336 pages, released 9.13.12

ACE Expert Review

There is no shortage of diet books out there—even high-quality ones offering sound advice are pretty easy to find (although the extreme or fad diets tend to get more attention). And yet more Americans—adults and children—are overweight or obese than ever before. Clearly, diet books don’t work for everybody, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work for some people. And sometimes the best advice comes from someone who’s been there—who has struggled with being overweight and has found a way to lose the excess pounds and keep them off long-term.

That’s one of the strongest draws of Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever, by Pete Thomas, described as “the most successful contestant to come away from NBC’s The Biggest Loser.” Thomas lost 185 pounds on the reality show and has kept it off for more than seven years. Since his stint on the show, Thomas has transformed his life by becoming a personal trainer and motivational speaker, and devoting his energies to helping others struggling with the same issues. This book is the culmination of his work with clients and his own personal experience with losing weight.

Thomas’ approach is nothing like the hardcore, punishing approach featured on The Biggest Loser. Instead, he urges readers to understand the mechanics of weight loss and to develop healthy habits to last a lifetime. Thomas also urges dieters to take the time to build a foundation that will solidify one’s commitment, including building a support team, creating a personal success statement and setting attainable goals. This is Step 1: Your Power. The second step involves creating a personalized plan that helps people manage their diets, while also increasing their activity levels. Thomas does not advocate starvation diets, but a sensible caloric intake and a comprehensive workout program that emphasizes both cardio and resistance training. Also included are tips for eating out, entertaining and enjoying the holidays.

The third step, Your Pursuit, brings together all the advice and shows readers how to turn up the volume on their efforts to lose weight more quickly. This includes increasing cardio, being extra careful while eating out and really homing in on one’s goals. This is the time to adjust your support team, if necessary, and cut out things like salt and sugar, and drink more water. And, if possible, devote more time to exercise.

The final step, Your Purpose, offers advice on maintaining weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, as well as how to share your new-found information and inspiration with friends. Also included is advice for getting back on track for those times when less-than-healthy habits creep back into one’s lifestyle.

Overall, Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever is a sensible, step-wise approach to losing weight—Thomas makes it clear that to lose weight quickly, you have to really step up your efforts and it’s not going to be easy, but you can do it safely. Unfortunately, this isn’t always what people want to hear. Arguably, the greatest strength of this book is the fact that the author has been there, and in the past has offered every possible excuse for not losing weight and living more healthfully. And in that respect, he knows that not everyone is ready to take the necessary steps to lose weight for good. But for those who are, he’s created a sensible, easy-to-follow plan that gives an individual who is ready to make that commitment a pretty good shot at finally succeeding.

What we liked: 

  • Sensible, step-wise approach to weight loss that includes both diet and exercise
  • Written from the viewpoint and experience of someone who has successfully lost weight and understands the struggles of those who are overweight or obese
  • Provides reasonable recommendations for accelerating weight loss
  • Offers tips for maintenance and for dealing with setbacks

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