10-minute Toughness: The Mental-training Program for Winning Before the Game Begins

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10-minute Toughness: The Mental-training Program for Winning Before the Game Begins

Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Companies

Price Range: $14.36 - $15.00

Manufacturer Description

This book discusses a three-phase system for athletes and competitors at all levels who want to achieve a winning state of mind. The author explains that exercising the mental edge is just as crucial for peak performance as physical training, and offers a five-stage daily workout that includes goal-setting activities and solution-focused tools which involve mental imagery, positive self-talk and controlled breathing.

Manufacturer Specifications

Author: Jason Selk; Pub. Date: September 2008; Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies; Format: Hardcover, 208pp; Estimated price: $14.36; ISBN-13: 9780071600637/ISBN: 0071600639; also available in Kindle Edition format

ACE Expert Review

As author Jason Selk writes, the “10-Minute Toughness routine provides competitors of all ages and skill levels with the ‘nutrients’ essential for mind building and strengthening.”

The author likens his approach to improving one’s mental game to entering a mental weight room, and believes that the brain is just like any other muscle that needs to be developed. Drawing on his experience working with professional and Olympic athletes, Selk presents a three-phase plan for improving focus and building confidence. Phase 1, the mental workout, features chapters on clearing mental clutter and improving focus, phase 2 reviews effective goal-setting and motivation techniques and phase 3 focuses on how to develop solutions to specific situations.

What we liked:

  • While nothing in this text is groundbreaking, the author does a nice job of detailing methods that will be appealing to people looking for a precise formula for improving their mental focus, whether for competition on the field or on the job.

What we didn’t like:

  • As with many self-help books, the advice is sometimes very simplistic and takes a one-size-fits-all approach.

October 9, 2009

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