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New You Next Week

Manufacturer: Fitness Quest, Inc.

Price Range: $99.99 - $99.99

Manufacturer Description

New You Next Week™ is a 10-day body and lifestyle transformation system designed by well-known personal trainer Dan Isaacson, and includes a program guide, three workout DVDs, pedometer and a toning band.

Manufacturer Specifications

108-page spiral bound program guide; three DVDs featuring six workouts; multifunction pedometer; light-resistance stretch band

ACE Expert Review

It often seems that there are as many weight-loss programs out there as there are people who want or need to lose weight. In such an overcrowded marketplace, it can be a huge challenge for consumers to find a sensible and effective program that will suit their individual needs. The New You Next Week program, with its sensible approach to weight loss, stands out from the crowd.

The New You Next Week program is a 10-day program aimed at helping people jumpstart their efforts toward better nutrition, greater physical activity and improved lifestyle habits. Creator Dan Isaacson, a well-known and respected fitness professional, chose 10-day periods because, he says, this is “about how long it takes to effectively rev up the three layers of balanced health and fitness behavior that I believe are so vital: eating well, exercising regularly and increasing activities.” The program includes a detailed eating plan (and allows for occasional treats from Starbucks and other chain restaurants) and daily video-based workouts, as well a wide range of healthy lifestyle tips, from grocery shopping to being more physically active throughout the day.

The eating plan comprises the largest part of the plan (which makes sense given the importance of diet to weight loss). Participants can choose from two calorie levels: 1,200 (Red Carpet plan) or 1,800 (Blockbuster plan). The meal plans contain a variety of foods, including lemon-thyme fish, spaghetti with ground turkey sauce and egg-white omelet, with most recipes requiring a manageable number of ingredients. Isaacson also includes helpful tips on choosing bright-colored foods (more nutrients), drinking water, and trading unhealthy fats for healthier options.

The workouts are well rounded and include a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises (a light-resistance band for strengthening exercises is included with the kit). The workouts range in length from 30 to 60 minutes, which may prove daunting to some new exercisers or those with overcrowded schedules. Participants are also encouraged to wear the pedometer included with the kit and log the number of steps taken each day. Isaacson reinforces the idea that small efforts taken each day to be more active can add up over time, particularly in terms of increased weight loss. Note: The quality of the pedometer included with the kit is low and may not accurately reflect the number of steps taken by the user.

Overall, Isaacson does a good job of providing a detailed program for users to follow, while also educating them on how to make their own healthy choices once they have completed the program. This is essential because few people can follow a program forever; in fact, it is essential that people understand that lifestyle change is something that lasts forever—not just for the duration of the “diet.”

Note: At the time of this review, the New You Next Week website had not yet been activated, so we were not able to evaluate its content.

What we liked:

  • Well-rounded and sensible lifestyle-modification program that provides a detailed guide for users, while also educating them to make healthy decisions once the program is over
  • Program is based on established industry guidelines for health, fitness and nutrition
  • Video-based exercise program provides a wide range of total-body workouts that address cardio, strength and flexibility using an interval-based approach

What we didn’t like:

  • Pedometer quality is low and may not accurately reflect the number of steps taken by user.
  • Website has not been activated.

November 3, 2012

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