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Manufacturer: NatureBox

Price Range: $19.95 - $19.95

Manufacturer Description

Each NatureBox includes 15-20 servings of 4 to 6 different healthy, hand-picked snacks. All of the products are made from wholesome ingredients that are minimally processed, helping you to enjoy healthy, delicious snacks delivered to your door monthly.

Manufacturer Specifications

4-6 all-natural, full-size snack packages delivered monthly. All products are made without artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

ACE Expert Review

With easy access to cheap, highly-processed, calorically-dense and nutrient-poor snacks, many people find themselves mindlessly munching on junk foods that do no more than widen their waistlines and displace fruits, vegetables and other nutritionally-dense snacks from their diets.

NatureBox is the healthy alternative to the standard snack food. With products ranging from cinnamon-spiced almonds and agave citrus granola in the May box to dried pears and smokey pumpkin seeds in the April box, the NatureBox snacks are all nutritionally-dense and free of trans fat, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors. While NatureBox snacks are very healthy, individuals trying to control weight will need to pay attention to portion control as the snacks are often calorie-dense dried fruits and nuts.

Overall, NatureBox provides a tasty and nutritionally-balanced assortment of snack foods.  Delivered to your door each month, with a new mix of snacks at a reasonable price, a NatureBox subscription is a convenient way to make sure healthy snacks are on-hand for the whole family to enjoy. Delivered in a decorative box and including a polished description of each item and “healthy eating” tips, the NatureBox is also can make an excellent gift.

What we liked:

  • Snacks are genuinely healthy and delicious

  • At $19.95 per month for a box of 4-5 packages (including shipping), NatureBox is affordable

  • Each month, a different variety of healthful snacks are included in the NatureBox

What we didn’t like:

  • NatureBox is limited to snack foods. It would be great if the products also included easy-to-add ingredients to spice up and pack a nutritional punch to meals.


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