Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym

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Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym

Manufacturer: journey fitness, inc

Price Range: $249.00 - $249.00

Manufacturer Description

journey gym is a portable, compact, lightweight universal workout system. In addition to the journey gym cardio/strength product, journey gym also comes with a workout video DVD. Journey gym users may use the videos that come with the journey gym, access premium (free) video workouts we create semi annually, or create their own, custom-tailored workouts from over 80 workout videos on our online video trainer. Journey gym users may also access and participate in a free online community where they can interact with other users, or our star fitness trainers. Finally, users can take advantage of journey gym's fitness and nutrition programs, which allow them to not only meet their fitness goals, but maintain an optimum state of health their whole life.

Manufacturer Specifications

37” x 17” x 17”; 14.2 pounds; includes 30 resistance bands, adjustable handles, custom resistance from 5 to 75 pounds per side and a full set of legs to turn the platform into a stair stepper for cardio workouts

ACE Expert Review

When it comes to exercise, there is no shortage of excuses for why most of us just don’t exercise enough. Lack of time, of course, is at the top of the list, especially for those who feel they have to exercise exclusively at a health club or gym. The Journey Gym, a portable universal gym that is about the size of a small suitcase, does a good job of eliminating those excuses by offering users a way to squeeze in a short workout in even the most confined spaces.

Combining the versatility of a step bench with the variable resistance of elastic bands, the Journey Gym is a marvel of design and ingenuity. Although the interior of the case appears intimidating at first, a brief instructional video quickly explains how to access and position the equipment. Removable cables make it possible to perform exercises from a variety of positions, and the five resistance bands on each side of the case allow for the resistance to be adjusted from 5 to 75 pounds (depending on how many band loops are attached to the carabiners attached to the handles). Insert the eight “legs” into the holes inside the case and it can be turned over for use as a slightly elevated bench for cardio activities or resistance exercises.

The accompanying 10- and 20-minute circuit-style workouts feature basic moves, alternating one minute of cardio (e.g., step ups, knee ups) with one minute of resistance exercise (e.g., squats, biceps curls). The instructor provides cueing and motivation, and a timer on the screen informs the user how much time remains for each exercise. The Journey Gym Web site also features more than 70 exercises with an accompanying how-to vide demonstrating proper form. Exercises can be selected to create personalized workouts, depending on goals and time preferences, and saved on the site for future use. Journey Gym has also incorporated a social community to its site, enabling users to interact with and support one another.

The Journey Gym features quality construction and comes with extra resistance bands to replace worn or damaged bands. The only drawback to this system is the time it takes to change the positioning of the handles between exercises, particularly if you are using more than one resistance band (the caribiner is threaded through the loops on the ends of the bands). This inconvenience can be offset, however, by grouping exercises that utilize the same positioning.

While it is unlikely to replace the gym or more comprehensive fitness equipment, the Journey Gym offers an affordable and portable option for exercising at home, the office or even while traveling.

What we liked:

  • Well-constructed and designed equipment that is easy to use and enables both cardio and strength exercises
  • Video-based instructions and workouts make it possible to quickly set up the Journey Gym and start exercising anywhere
  • Online feature allows for customizable workouts based on goals and time restrictions

What we didn’t like:

  • Quickly repositioning the handles between exercises can be challenging

April 27, 2012

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