The Stress Away Strap

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The Stress Away Strap

Manufacturer: abbery

Price Range: $19.95 - $29.95

Manufacturer Description

The Stress Away Strap is a portable wellness tool for improving flexibility and strength in home, office or while traveling. The user attaches the SAS to any standard door. They can use their own body weight to stretch out tight, stiff muscle or do supported exercises for major muscle groups like legs, back, shoulder and arms. The SAS is great training aid for PT's Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructor.

Manufacturer Specifications

The Stress Away strap is a webbed strap with two comfort handles and a rubber door anchor. It comes with a hanging exercise/stretch chart, manual with 36 stretches & exercise, 24/7 web access to over 100 stretches/exercise and instructional videos.

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