PUSHUP GRID™ - Pushup Training and Assessment Mat

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PUSHUP GRID™ - Pushup Training and Assessment Mat


Price Range: $50.00 - $75.00

Manufacturer Description

The PUSHUP GRID™ - Pushup Training and Assessment Mat is an Exercise Alignment Mat System the helps to standardize the pushup exercise for improved reliability and defensibility.

As an assessment mat the PUSHUP GRID™ is used in conjunction with our pushup hand-width measurement chart. Once the test administrator measures the participant’s shoulder-width using an ordinary measuring tape, the measurement can now be located on our measurement chart to identify where the participant should place his/her hands on the mat within seconds. The notches on the mat help to simplify instructions. Our mat is perfect for use during fitness assessments by Personal Trainers, Physical Educators, Researchers, The Military, FBI, Law Enforcement, and other individuals who administer the pushup fitness test.

As a training mat, the participant can place his/hands at various hand-widths to identify the hand-width that’s comfortable for him/her when training pushups. As the participant improves on his/her pushups, s/he can strategically reduce his/her hand-width and repeat hand placement in the exact position that was determined to be comfortable. Use of this mat is also suitable for individuals who are Visually Impaired/Blind for performing pushups as their sighted peers with little or no assistance.

Manufacturer Specifications

Durable (tear resistant); High Density; Waterproof; Closed Cell Foam/Rubber Mat; Good Chemical Resistance (very easy to clean); Dimensions: 36 x 48 x .5; Color: Light Blue

ACE Expert Review

Before receiving the PUSHUP GRID™ and knowing what it looked light, the expectation was that it would be a small mat with a number of hand outlines on it. However, what arrived was a large sized mat rolled up with two large Velcro straps. After unrolling the mat we discovered it was made up of 12 grids. Each of the grids is numbered (1-12) and has series of marked boxes in it that look like a maze, but symmetrical.  Grids 5-8 are also have a scale A-O on them. Inside the shipping box was a push-up hand-width measurement chart, a sheet containing an assessment, a 3 -day workout, instructions on how to measure shoulder width positions, and on the back side a number of instructions on how to perform push-ups using four common hand spacing. Along with the paperwork was a Q&A sheet about the grid.

Once you’ve gone through the process of assessing the ideal hand position you are then ready to start using the PUSHUP GRID™.  Through the use of a combination of letters and numbers you can ensure that both hands are spaced equally apart on their respective grids, the idea being that each time you perform the push-up you can consistently space your hands the correct distance apart because you will be utilizing the grid for guidance. Should you choose a wider or narrower hand position the same will hold true.

The mat is approximately 12mm thick and provides a good surface to perform push-ups on. Once you have mastered the four standard pushups there are a number of online clips that demonstrate a number of more challenging push-ups.

The instruction sheet was very confusing to read and took three attempts to read through it in order to understand how to actually use the grid system. The repeated safety warnings (three in total) stating that “failure to perform these exercises correctly could be injurious or fatal” was a bit concerning. Because the mat itself is made from a relatively dense material it took an hour for it to settle completely flat in order to be utilized. Once ready to be rolled back up it took several attempts to roll it to the correct size in order to be able to strap the Velcro straps back around it. At 7lbs the size of the mat is portable, however it would not fit in most bags or gym lockers.

What we liked:

  • Thick surface for performing push-ups
  • Online clips that demonstrate a number of more challenging push-up options once you’ve mastered the four standard push-ups

What we didn't like:

  • Instruction sheet was very confusing, making it difficult to understand how to use the grid system.
  • Difficult to roll the mat up to the correct size so that the Velcro straps would fit around it
  • Although the mat is portable, because of its size it would not fit in most gym bags or lockers.

March 2, 2012

Update: 12/7/12-  The manufacturer has made updates to the two instructional posters included with the PUSHUP GRID™ which now provide further clarification and additional illustrations regarding proper hand placement for different push-up variations.

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youtrainfitness.com, amazon.com

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