the füdoo (food+do) Board

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the füdoo (food+do) Board

Manufacturer: Eat! Drink! Move! Think!

Price Range: $26.95 - $26.95

Manufacturer Description

füdoo® Boards help teach children and their families diet and activity balance.   A lifestyle tracking tool and game used by parents, teachers, fitness trainers, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals to inspire and motivate people to make everyday healthy choices.   füdoo Boards can be used in conjunction with the MyPlate tool and concept with learning opportunities children and adults can have fun with.  Clients can eat foods and enjoy healthy activities to fill up the board based on the trainer’s or nutritionist’s customized serving and energy teachings.  füdoo Boards also help clients make a balanced Rainbow Meal or celebrate trying a new food or activity. 

The “Food” Side – Eat! Drink!

  • Features 8 food tracking zones and describes how they benefit the body:  5 USDA color coded food groups plus New! (new foods reward), Sometimes Food (junk food) and Water.
  • Meal planning is taught using the Rainbow Meal concept.  Also, customize the füdoo Board by writing in the number of servings your client needs per USDA information.  Perfect for special diets.
  • Clients track and record what they eat and drink for the day using the set of food magnets, including Create Your Own magnets and damp erase marker.
  • Inspires picky eaters to try new foods, enables families to develop new habits and allows teachers and healthcare professionals to make nutrition education an everyday lesson.

The “Do” Side – Move! Think!

  • Features 5 Move! And 7 Think! categories plus a “Move more. Think big. It’s a füdoo kind of day!” free recording space.
  • Clients can log daily move and think activities, plan their day/goals or celebrate a new event using the damp erase marker.
  • Use the “30 Days to Make a Habit” program online to limit TV/screen time, add “Dream” time to the day, or reward your client for sharing a meal with their family.
  • Bolsters the Food=Fuel=Fun view for families making lifestyle changes together.

Manufacturer Specifications

Each füdoo Board Kit contains:

  • 1 Two-Sided füdoo Board (the food side and the do side)
  • 90 Color coded food magnets
  • 1 "How To" Manual
  • 1 Damp Erase Marker

The Board is 12" x 12" and is damp/dry erase and magnetic.

The weight of the kit altogether is 2.5 lbs.

füdoo Boards are 100% safety tested and compliant with all safety regulations for toys and use with children.

füdoo Boards are also made in the USA using solar power.

ACE Expert Review

How do you help a child adopt healthier habits? The füdoo Board offers one possible answer: Make it fun. Billed as an educational tool for learning healthy habits, the füdoo board uses a colorful dry-erase board and color-coded magnets depicting common foods, making it easy for kids to track their daily food intake and activity levels. And, in keeping with the company’s motto of “Eat! Drink! Move! Think!” the board also encourages kids to be adventurous, create, read and dream.

The füdoo Board comes with a 12” board that tracks food intake on one side and activity/creativity on the other, a dry erase marker, 95 color-coded magnets and a brief “How to” handbook. The magnets include vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy, grains and water. Also included are blank magnets that can be labeled with foods not included, as well as “sometimes” foods or occasional treats. The guidebook explains how to use the board, along with the basics of good nutrition, including serving sizes and tips for healthier choices. The guidebook also encourages users to move more, think big and always be willing to try new things, and tips specific to teens are given throughout the guide. Parents are urged to go over the boards with their children at dinner or bedtime, highlighting improvements or suggesting healthier options for the future.

Numerous research studies have found that keeping track of one’s food intake can be a powerful tool for creating healthy habits and for losing weight. Therefore, füdoo boards have the potential to influence kids’ behaviors by allowing them to track their intake and activity. Although the board is somewhat cumbersome, especially if more than one serving of any food is eaten on a single day, it does offer guidance on appropriate serving sizes and can highlight foods that should be eaten more (or less) often, such as vegetables or proteins.

Although very young children will be drawn to using the magnets, the füdoo is probably more appropriate for elementary school-aged kids and teens. Unfortunately, only one person may use the board at a time, so larger families will require multiple boards.

Perhaps the most positive feature of the füdoo board is the overall philosophy behind its use—to get kids to rethink how they spend their time and what they put in their bodies and in their minds. By making these activities feel like an adventure, kids will undoubtedly be encouraged to view making healthy choices and habits as fun and enjoyable rather than a punishment.

What we liked:

  • Features colorful, high-quality materials and a brief, but clear instruction guide
  • Makes it easy for kids to track daily intake and activity levels
  • Encourages healthy behaviors in a fun and relaxed way

What we didn’t like:

  • Food tracking can be cumbersome if more than one serving per food is consumed in a given day
  • Board can only be used by one user; multiple boards are required for multiple children

September 1, 2012

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