One-Hour Workouts: 50 Swim, Bike and Run Workouts for Busy Athletes

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One-Hour Workouts: 50 Swim, Bike and Run Workouts for Busy Athletes

Manufacturer: Velopress

Price Range: $16.47 - $24.95

Manufacturer Description

Written by endurance coaches Mark Newton and Michael Jacques, and retired professional triathlete Scott Molina, One-Hour Workouts features 50 swim, bike and run workouts designed to fit into a lunch hour, including a warm-up and cool-down. Athletes can choose a base, tempo, or speed workout according to their training goals for the day.

Manufacturer Specifications

136 spiral-bound sweat-proof pages, 6” x 7”, published September 1, 2010

ACE Expert Review

Most competitive athletes, as well as many fitness enthusiasts, would prefer to have more time to train and work out, but squeezing in more than an hour a day can be a considerable challenge.

One-hour Workouts: 50 Swim, Bike and Run Workouts for Busy Athletes aims to solve this problem with creative and efficient workouts designed to transition from building a base of fitness to improving speed and strength.

The authors of One-hour Workouts include a coach, an exercise physiologist and a retired professional triathlete, who offer their perspectives on how to train for these three sports. The combination of their expertise is evident, with plenty of real-world advice and motivational tips to go along with the exercise science.

The workouts are divided into three sections: base, tempo and speed, with additional cross-training and strength workouts offered at the end. Within each section, there are workouts for swim, bike, run and “bricks” such as running off the bike. Bricks prepare athletes to transition from one sport to the next during the swim-bike-run competition.

With titles like “Endurance Run with Nasal Breathing,” “False Flats,” and “Seeing God,” these workouts are creative and fun. The authors also explain the purpose of each workout and prepare the reader for the challenges they can expect during training.

For example, regarding “Endurance 100s,” a tough swim workout, the authors write: “This session is usually tough for the first month. The intensity is solid and seemingly endless. Often athletes find it boring. The reality is that you have the opportunity to develop excellent endurance using your current speed. Each week will feel a little bit easier until eventually you can comfortably achieve it.”

Having some idea of what to expect can make it easier for athletes to stick with the program and to not become discouraged. The authors also emphasize the simultaneous improvement of technique and fitness.

Compact in size and loaded with practical tips and information, One-hour Workouts is a great resource for fitness enthusiasts and amateur competitors looking to add variety and efficiency to their workout programs.

What we liked:

  • Workouts are challenging and efficientIncludes base, tempo, speed, strength and cross-training workouts
  • Emphasizes training technique and fitness simultaneously
  • Authors offer real-world tips and explain what to expect from each workout

What we didn't like:

  • Workouts may not offer enough of a challenge for competitive athletes

September 10, 2010

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