Mama Wants Her Body Back Kit

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Mama Wants Her Body Back Kit

Manufacturer: Savvier

Price Range: $22.98 - $43.00

Manufacturer Description

The Mama Wants Her Body Back Kit features three 20-minute total-body workouts that can be done separately or combined for a longer workout session. Also included: Mama Wants Her Abs Back, a bonus video that features three 10-minuted core workouts, and Program Guide, Food Journal and fitness band.

Manufacturer Specifications

Closed-captioned, color DVD; 112 minutes; 2010

ACE Expert Review

Created by Lisa Druxman, founder of Stroller Strides, the Mama Wants Her Body Back kit is targeted toward moms at all stages who want to regain their pre-pregnancy shape and fitness level, or who are interested in starting an exercise program for the first time. Druxman’s introduction to the video explains how the workouts work and offers tips on safety and use of the toning band.

The DVD includes three 20-minute total-body workouts that can be used individually or combined for a longer workout. Each mini-workout includes a warm-up, cool-down and five cycles. Every three-minute cycle includes exercises for cardio, strength and the core, each lasting one minute, and modifications are shown for beginning, intermediate and advanced exercises. A grid at the bottom of the screen and a countdown clock in the corner help exercisers track their progress. This is particularly helpful during the high-intensity cardio exercises.

The toning band (which includes handles) is used throughout the workout, including the cardio exercises. Obtaining the correct tension takes some practice and it may take new exercisers a few workouts to get used to this type of resistance.

While Druxman and her fellow exercisers demonstrate proper form, she doesn’t offer much verbal instruction on form (e.g., not letting knees go past ankles during a squat; keeping elbows tight to the waist during biceps curls), which could be a drawback for new exercisers. She does, however, provide plenty of motivational and encouraging dialogue throughout all the workouts.

The bonus Mama Wants Her Abs Back includes three targeted 10-minute abdominal workouts that can be done separately or with the Body Back workouts. The 14-page Program Guide includes an overview of the changes a woman’s body experiences during and following pregnancy, and practical tips for minimizing some of the aches and pains of motherhood. Also included is a workout schedule and diet and weight-loss tips. The Food Journal—Mama Wants to Get Lean—includes simple recipes, a shopping guide, a meal plan, and a journal for tracking intake and workouts.

The Mama Wants Her Body Back program (which includes additional DVD workouts that can be purchased separately: Mama Wants Her Booty Back and Mama’s Cardio Fat-burning Workout) was tested by researchers at Loma Linda University. They found that women who followed a calorically restricted diet and used the exercise DVDs regularly lost an average of 9.7 pounds in two months. By the end of the study, published in The Journal of Applied Research, participants were exercising 30 minutes per day, six days per week, and exhibited improved posture and reduced stress levels.

For $22.98 (and then another payment of $19.99 in 30 days) for the six mini-workouts, the fitness band and the accompanying guides, the Mama Wants Her Body Back Kit is a good value and makes it easy to squeeze a workout into the most overcrowded schedule.

The infomercial selling format may be a drawback to those who don’t want to be “upsold” additional products, but the product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and the offer to cancel out of the monthly program.

What we liked:

  • Efficient, motivational and well-designed workouts that fit into a tight schedule
  • Combines cardio, strength and core work
  • Grid at bottom of screen helps exercisers track time and progress

What we didn't like:

  • Minimal instruction on proper form
  • Purchasing kit requires automatic enrollment into ongoing DVD shipments

September 30, 2010

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