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Hyper Vest® PRO

Manufacturer: Hyper Wear LLC

Price Range: $149.00 - $169.99

Manufacturer Description

The Hyper Vest® PRO is a fully adjustable, thin, cool and comfortable weight vest. The patented design uses a fabric that does not stretch in the vertical plan, but stretches like a compression shirt in the horizontal plan. This allows the vest to hug the body's core without restricting breathing, but also prevents the weights from bouncing during any movement. The side cords are used to adjust the fit and also leaves a large area open so that the consumer does not get overheated. Weights are only 1/4" thick and their are 7 weights to a lb making it the thinnest and most adjustable vest ever made.

Intended to safely add to the users body weight and permit far greater movement than traditional weight vests. Use it to add a strength component to walking and running for resistance training or preventing osteoporosis, can be worn even while practicing a sport to build strength and endurance. Used by everyone from professional and collegiate athletes, to casual walkers.

Manufacturer Specifications

Patented fabric is wicking and does not absorb odors. Hand washing without removing weights is recommended, but weights can be removed for a machine wash. Weights are zinc plated steel. Zips on and off easily.

Adult sizes are small, medium, large, XL, and XXL. All but the small ship with 10 lbs already loaded. Small ships with 5 lbs. Extra weights in 5 lb boxes are available. Maximum weight capacity varies by size with a medium holding a maximum of 20 lbs.

ACE Expert Review

The purpose of using a weight vest is to add extra weight for bodyweight exercises and to create an overload effect for walking, distance running or speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) drills.  Research demonstrates that using an overload during sprinting or speed drills requires lower-body muscles to generate more force against the ground which could lead to gains in strength and power and ultimately faster acceleration during running.  Weight vests are used by athletes to increase strength and efficiency during speed, power and agility drills; producing a unique training effect that is unavailable with traditional free weight training equipment. They can also be used by casual walkers or runners.

The Hypervest PRO weighted vest came with ten pounds of weight already placed in the specially designed pockets within the vest so it was ready to wear and use right away. Other vests can require the user to add all of the weights before using, usually a laborious process, so this was a nice perk.  The Hypervest Pro is made of a patented fabric that allows the vest to stretch horizontally but not vertically which keeps the vest in place so it does not move around the body.  The zipper keeps the vest snug, but not tight in the front. The side panels adjust to allow the vest to be fit specifically for the individual wearing it. 

The vest was extremely comfortable to wear while doing a bodyweight exercise program consisting of multi-directional lunges, bodyweight squats, pull-ups, push-ups and a variety of other exercises utilizing a TRX Suspension training system. Other weighted vests can be bulky and somewhat stiff; however, the Hyervest PRO was very comfortable allowing for movement at the shoulders and trunk to move with minimal restrictions.

The vest was also extremely comfortable to wear during running and sprinting drills.  The manufacturer recommends not using more than 10% of bodyweight for running drills and the 10 pound vest added a little more than 5% of my bodyweight to the reviewer’s frame.  The vest included five pounds of extra weights which could be added to create an additional overload.  It was a little difficult to get the weights in and out of the pockets, but once in the pocket the weight was secure and did not feel like it was moving or shifting around during use.

We really liked the design of the vest in that it created more space at the arms allowing for a dynamic range-of-motion from the shoulders and breathability.  Overall workouts with the Hypervest PRO were challenging but fun and the vest is a comfortable and functional tool to add resistance to a workout.

What we liked:

  • The vest was comfortable, form-fitting and allowed for freedom of movement; especially important for arm action during speed/sprinting drills.
  • The side panels allowed the vest to be fitted and they provided additional ventilation for air-flow.
  • Once the weights were inserted into the specially designed pockets there they were secure and did not move around or bounce out.
  • The zipper in front was convenient allowing it to be unzipped and opened during recovery intervals to allow for extra ventilation.
  • The material was relatively breathable and easy to dry after use.

What we didn't like:

  • All weights need to be removed for machine washing.
  • The vest would cause the front and back to get extremely sweaty during a workout (but this is common among all weight vests, not exclusively for this particular product). 
  • When needed, it was somewhat difficult to get a weight into a pocket.

November 14, 2010

Where to Buy

www.hyperwear.com www.performbetter.com www.bsnsports.com

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