101 Things to Do Before You Diet

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101 Things to Do Before You Diet

Manufacturer: Rodale Press, Incorporated

Price Range: $16.31 - $17.00

Manufacturer Description

This book is based on the premise that most women today are well aware that dieting and food deprivation is no way to lose weight. In this book, author Mimi Spencer shares tips, tricks, and solutions that finally helped her lose weight with the “anti-diet.” Spencer offers readers 101 ways to flatten a figure, from choosing the right fashion to staying away from fat traps and calorie pitfalls.

Manufacturer Specifications

Author: Mimi Spencer; Pub. Date: September 2009; Publisher: Rodale Press, Incorporated; Format: Hardcover, 272pp; Estimated price: $16.31; ISBN-13: 9781605298481/ISBN: 1605298484

ACE Expert Review

This irreverent, breezy book is an easy read full of “figure-flattering tips, tricks, and cheats” that will help women knock off a few pounds and starting loving their bodies. Readers are guided through an examination of their relationships—with the fork, with the fridge, and with friends.

There is nothing groundbreaking among the 101 tips offered here, and many of them are things that most readers will instinctively know already. But the author’s message of self-acceptance is a welcome one when almost everything else on the bookshelves and magazine racks is screaming to the contrary.

The core of the book focuses on fashion—three-plus pages of shoe-buying tips!—and the author’s message is to make the most of what you have, augment the positive, downplay the negative, and buy clothes for who you are, not who you want to be. Nutrition tips offer a message of moderation: omit nothing, eat more of the right things, eat more soup and drink tap water (it’s free!).

What we liked:

  • Some of the best tips were unexpected and fun, from how to look your best in a photo (turn slightly sideways, lengthen your neck, and make sure the photographer is someone who loves you) to what hairstyle works best for various face shapes.
  • This book is full of self-empowerment: believe that you are beautiful, stop the “dialogue of guilt,” stop judging and start living, and talk yourself up and radiate!

What we didn’t like:

  • How about some tips for the men out there?!?

October 9, 2009

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