Punk Rope Twisted Skipper Jump Rope

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Punk Rope Twisted Skipper Jump Rope

Manufacturer: Sanguine

Price Range: $6.99 - $7.49

Manufacturer Description

The Twisted Skipper jump rope is appropriate for exercisers of all levels from beginner through advanced. Because the rope is relatively light and fast, it is a good choice for jumping for speed and/or endurance. It can also be used to improve coordination.

Presently, the Twisted Skipper ropes are being used in a wide range of facilities including private gyms, community centers, and schools. The Twisted Skipper is the rope most commonly used in Punk Rope classes.

Manufacturer Specifications

The Twisted Skipper jump ropes are available in four lengths (8', 9', 10, 11') to accommodate jumpers up to 6' 7". The jump rope features 5mm HPDE cord and 5" plastic handles. The rope can be shortened using the included snap lock mechanism. A video demonstrating how to shorten the rope can be viewed on the Punk Rope website.

Twisted Skipper ropes come in 3 color combinations: blue, yellow, and white cord with blue handles; blue, cherry, and white cord with cherry handles; black, red, and white cord with black handles.

ACE Expert Review

According to the company website, Punk Rope® is a “cross between recess and boot camp,” integrating challenging workout components with a generous helping of fun. The Punk Rope® Jump Rope is used in Punk Rope group fitness classes and can be used on your own at home, at work, in a hotel room, or wherever space is available for jumping.

Jumping rope is an excellent way to increase fitness, and works both the upper and lower body. Jumping exercises are especially effective in promoting good bone health due to the loading of the muscles and bones that occurs with each jump.

The Punk Rope® Jump Rope performed as advertised — it was easy to adjust, and easy to use. We liked the lightweight feel of the rope and the sound it made as it whipped through the air. The free-spinning feature made for a smooth motion with each turn of the rope. We tried breaking the handles and they indeed proved unbreakable.

The Rope Jumping manual was chock-full of helpful information and photographic illustrations. Topics include Basics, Endurance, Pre-Jump Conditioning, Warm-Up, Posture, Technique, Cool-Down, and more — it’s an easy read that provides thorough coverage of anything you’d need to know to start jumping.

The Punk Rope® Jump Rope is a terrific option for anyone wanting to add some fun and variety to their fitness routines. The low price and high quality make it a bargain — and the retro-recess feel of jumping rope makes it just plain fun.

What we liked:

  • Easy to adjust length
  • Free-spinning feature
  • Rope Jumping manual
  • Affordable price
  • Fun

January 31, 2011

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