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Kangoo Jumps

Manufacturer: RDM Research, Development & Marketing, sarl.

Price Range: $229.00 - $240.00

Manufacturer Description

Kangoo Jumps are fitness shoes with a boot-like ankle support attached to platform for rebounding. The patented Impact Protection System consists of T-Springs that provide adjustable resistance for a rebounding effect. The outer boot is similar to that of an in-line skate, but with a joint that allows for some ankle flexion. Kangoo jumps are used for running, group fitness classes, and sports training.

Manufacturer Specifications

Model KJ-XR3; unisex shoe with polyurethane outer boot, machine washable inner boot, and breathable perforated sole. Patented support plate for foot positioning; T-Springs adjustable and interchangeable with optional coils for adjusting for body weight and usage. Hinge feature allows ankle to move forward and back. Quick-release buckles and straps for adjustment. Weighs 8 pounds per pair; platform lifts user approximately 8 inches off the ground. Available in full sizes only; some assembly required.

ACE Expert Review

Kangoo Jumps are rebounding shoes — for adults and children — designed for reduced-impact yet vigorous exercise training. They’re marketed as a way to “Revolutionize your exercise™; minimize efforts, maximize pleasure and results.” While the Kangoo Jumps website refers to “scientific studies” touting the benefits of exercise training with Kangoo Jumps, none of them appear to be published in peer-reviewed journals, and the studies were all conducted on very small populations. One of the studies claims a reduction of impact stress up to 80% compared to running in traditional shoes.

The shoes were tested on asphalt, sidewalk, soft dirt, and wood laminate flooring while running, jogging, and performing various side-to-side movements. The Kangoo Jumps delivered on the manufacturer’s claim of fun, lower-impact exercise. They were easy to adjust, stable, and very comfortable. Although they felt clunky and heavy at first, it took only a few minutes before finding balance and taking off on a run. During a 30-minute run, the rebounding action provided significant shock absorption for a vigorous workout with a noticeable reduction in joint discomfort compared to mainstream running shoes.

At $229 a pair, Kangoo Jumps may be out of reach for people on a budget — you could buy 2-3 pairs of good running or walking shoes for that price — but their professed durability could make them a good long-term value. The manufacturer states that Kangoo Jumps can last for several years, but need regular maintenance (with replacement parts). Replacing the springs after every 50-80 hours of use is recommended for optimal performance. We don’t recommend Kangoo Jumps for individuals with balance issues or at risk of falling due to the 8-inch platforms. And with the combined effect of laughing and jumping, those with urinary stress incontinence should take precautions before using Kangoo Jumps to avoid discomfort.

Overall, this product is an effective training tool that infuses an ordinary workout with fun and excitement while reducing joint wear and tear. Springing through the house or around the neighborhood on Kangoo Jumps felt like child’s play — but kept heart rate right in the target training zone. We worked up a terrific sweat while grinning from ear to ear and conditioning the lower body. The rebounding action itself was energizing — but so was the thrill of leaping around like a super-hero.

What we liked:

  • The sensation of jumping on a trampoline
  • Vigorous cardiovascular workout with reduced joint strain
  • Stable, comfortable, and easy to adjust
  • Instant energy & mood elevation

What we didn't like:

  • Premium price
  • No warranty information available on website or in literature

July 18, 2010

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