Leki Nordic Walking Spin Poles

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Leki Nordic Walking Spin Poles

Manufacturer: Leki, Inc.

Price Range: $89.95 - $89.95

Manufacturer Description

LEKI Nordic Walking poles are marketed as an easy, full-body workout and a way to strengthen your upper body, create resistance for building bone density easy, and burn 40% more calories compared to regular walking (without poles). According to the manufacturer, these Nordic walking poles feature the Adjustable Super Lock System, which offers reliable function with varied terrain and personal technique; adjustable from 100-130 cm.  Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the pair of poles weighs a total of 16.4 ounces. The Adjustable/Releasable Trigger Strap provides modifiable wrist support and click-in/click-out grip access. Interchangeable Rubber Fitness Tips and Carbide Flextip allow for efficient walking on both hard and soft surfaces.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • 16/14 mm Aluminum HTS 5.5, Soft Trigger 1 Grip, Trigger 1 Strap, Carbide Flextip, Rubber Fitness Lite Tip, Ultra Sonic Finish, Interchangeable Nordic Basket System; Leki item number TNNW2616-P
  • Includes Nordic Walking Instructional DVD, LEKI carry bag for poles, and Nordic Walking Log Book when purchased directly from the manufacturer.

ACE Expert Review

Leki is a European-based manufacturer of poles for Nordic walking, trekking, and skiing poles and accessories. Their fully-adjustable Spin poles are a popular item with both beginner and veteran Nordic walkers. Made with ultra lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and high-modulus carbon, these easy-to-use poles feature a trademark Adjustable/Releasable Trigger Strap, allowing the user to easily click in and out of the grips to grab a drink of water without having to take off the hand straps, which are also adjustable for size and quite comfortable. The length of the poles was easy to adjust with a simple twisting motion, and remained stable throughout the test walks. The rubber tips were used for walking on pavement, and provided a cushioned, yet solid push-off surface. A variety of interchangeable tips are available from Leki for different Nordic walking needs and preferences. The poles are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and require minimal room for storage.

Leki offers a lifetime warranty against shaft breakage on all aluminum Nordic walking poles, including the Spin poles, making them a great value. They recommend adjustable vs. fixed-length poles for beginners — who may not know what length is needed initially — and for those who walk or hike on varied terrain. The Spin poles can also be used with the Snowflake Basket tip accessory for snowshoeing.

The most challenging part of using these poles was getting the hang of Nordic walking — but after reviewing the helpful instructional videos on the Leki website — and using the poles on a few 2-4 mile walks — we got it down. Leki touts Nordic walking as a way to get “a surprisingly easy, full-body workout,” and we’re in full agreement. With the Spin poles, we’ve been able to work up a serious sweat and reach our target heart rates, even for those with orthopedic limitations that prevent them from running. It’s a better workout than traditional walking, because using the poles works the upper body — and we liked that they’re lightweight and sturdy. Nordic walking is a great way for fitness walkers of all ages and abilities to boost the intensity of their workouts while reducing joint strain and improving upper-body strength, and the Leki Spin Pole Package is a sensible investment.

What we liked:

  • Lightweight body and easily adjustable length
  • Comfortable handgrips with quick-release straps for easy access to water bottle, phone, and other personal items
  • Instructional video clips on manufacturer website
  • Vigorous full-body workout with reduced join strain

June 24, 2010

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