Jammer - Torso Rotations

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Jammer - Torso Rotations

Target Body Part:
Abs, Arms, Back, Chest, Shoulders, Full Body/Integrated

Equipment Needed:

Step 1

Starting Position: Place the end of a standard barbell in a corner so that it will not move unnecessarily. Place a weight on one end of the barbell with a collar so that the weight cannot fall off during the exercise. Stand facing the end of the barbell so that it is between both feet and directly under your center of gravity. Your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder-width with your toes pointed forward or slightly outward. With the abdominals engaged, Pick up the free end of the barbell. Hold the end of the bar with both hands, fingers inter-laced so that you have a tight grip. Throughout the exercise keep your feet planted in the ground, push your hips forward and engage your abdominals (bracing) to maintain spinal stability.


Step 2

Shift your weight to your right leg. Rotate the end of the barbell to your right side by pushing with the left arm and pulling with the right arm. Allow your left shoulder to rotate towards your right side. Maintain a strong, tight grip with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Keep your gaze straight ahead. Do not drop your head.


Step 3

Shift your weight onto your left leg and bring the end of the barbell all the way to the left side by pulling with the left arm and pushing with the right arm. Keep the abdominals braced. Your feet should stay firmly planted on the ground as you move the weight across your body.


Step 4

Exercise Variation: Increase the power output of the exercise by increasing the speed of the movement and rapidly rotate the weight from side-to-side.
Start with light resistance then gradually progress this exercise by increasing the weight and increasing the pace of the exercise so that you begin to perform the movement explosively against heavier resistance.

Technique is very important in this lift. Do not increase to faster movements until you master your technique.