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ACE recently partnered with ResusciTech, a cutting-edge CPR-AED company, to be the new preferred provider for ACE exercise professionals and health coaches. Hear from Abigail Kohler, ResusciTech’s founder and CEO, to learn more about their Smart Certification app and why they wanted to exclusively share this technology with current and future ACE Certified Professionals.

ACE: Who is ResusciTech and what is Smart Certification?

Abigail Kohler (AK): ResusciTech is the only company that provides our community with the knowledge and power to save a life with CPR skills development, all through a smart phone. While doing medical illustration at Rhode Island Hospital, I overheard an EMT talk about how difficult it is to do CPR. This is what sparked the idea for ResusciTech. Since then, the ResusciTech team has been leveraging technology to bring CPR training to the 21st century, with our app Smart Certification. The app even drew the attention of Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who met with our team and later praised our tech in a tweet and onstage at his Silicon Slopes talk.

Smart Certification is a unique platform that educates users through engaging learning activities, short videos, and hands-on chest compression practice. The app trains users in CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid for adults, children, and infants. Best of all, anyone can use the app to get certified anytime, anywhere, in just 90 minutes or less. Smart Certification uses the best modern learning practices by making learning gamified, interactive, self-paced and adaptive. Traditional CPR can be time consuming and burdensome, but now, with Smart Certification, you can get the benefits of CPR training without leaving home!

ACE: Why has ResusciTech decided to partner with ACE? What kind of partnership is this?

AK: ACE and ResusciTech share many shared interests, first and foremost is that we are FOR-IMPACT organizations, focused on serving our communities, science and research, and population health advocacy. We learned that having high standards when it comes to safety and quality are core values that neither of our organizations will compromise. These values are demonstrated throughout our organizations, and with the training and development experiences we provide to the community.  It also makes for an easy working relationship. We truly enjoy working with and welcome the opportunity to be advocates for each other!

ACE: What makes ResusciTech different from other CPR certifications? How will Smart Certification help certify exercise professionals and health coaches?

AK: ResusciTech’s Smart Certification app provides a convenient CPR certification solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality. With the Smart Certification app, users get hands-on chest compression practice and must pass a chest compression evaluation to earn a certificate. The best part is that the learner gets feedback on the depth and speed of their compressions through the app. The entire course can be completed in 90 minutes or less.

Smart Certification is designed for all learners. Our gamified content makes it an engaging way to learn the material and our adaptive and asynchronous program allows people to learn at their own pace. Smart Certification helps exercise professionals and health coaches by providing a better option to get the CPR Certification that is required to earn or renew an ACE certification. From purchase to earning your certification, the whole experience is seamless and well-integrated with ACE’s system.

ACE: Why is being certified in CPR important for exercise professionals and health coaches?

AK: Since we started serving this community, we’ve heard several stories about CPR being performed in a variety of fitness arenas.  The problem is real, and without the proper training, catastrophic. Exercise increases an individual’s risk for sudden cardiac arrest, making it critical that exercise professionals and health coaches are prepared to respond quickly. Sudden cardiac arrest is even the number one cause of medical death in student athletes, showing that it can strike anyone of any age and any fitness level. It is critical that exercise professionals know how to properly address this risk.  Using Smart Certification to learn CPR is a way to get this necessary knowledge in a way that is both effective and convenient. Not all certifications are created equal, and current standards require a chest compression skills evaluation, which we can provide through a smartphone.

ACE: How does ResusciTech support ACE’s mission of getting people moving?

AK: First off, with traditional CPR training, the individual spends nearly 6 hours in training.  Our training can be completed within 90 min.  That gives someone 4.5 hours back in their day, where they are not in a classroom, and they are focused on their clients. Second, since we are 100% app based, you can complete our training while exercising (with exception of the skills evaluation). Hop on a spin bike, and by the time you are done with your workout, you are ready for the skills evaluation! But the bigger picture is we feel like our training will provide ACE instructors the skills needed to keep their clients safe and give them the best opportunity to continue their training journey and get moving safely.

Get CPR certified anywhere, anytime with the Smart Certification app!