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Alloy Fitness recently partnered with ACE to provide continuing education and certifications to their exercise professionals. Hear from Rick MayoChief Executive Officer for Alloy Personal Training Center about why he believes investing in continuing education and certification are essential to exercise professionals and the clients they serve.  

ACE: Why did Alloy choose ACE for continuing education and certification? 

Rick Mayo (RM): Alloy chose to partner with ACE because we believe the education and certifications offered by ACE are best in class for personal training and health coaching education. The content and instruction that ACE provides perfectly align with delivering the quality of fitness services expected by Alloy's customers.  

 ACE: Why does Alloy believe continuing education and/or certification is important? 

RM: Alloy believes by investing in continuing education and certification it leads to improved retention and greater lifetime value for the clients of our health and exercise professionals. Our mission is to run a business that delivers personalized and high-quality client support, and the performance of our trainers has a significant impact on the business. We rely on ACE to help us accomplish the goal of being a trusted source for health and fitness services. 

ACE: What do you see as the benefits to your organization’s stakeholders through investing in continuing education? 

RM: Quality education is the foundation for our Alloy professionals to deliver science-based, effective service. Each certification and on-going learning resources are additional tools to add to our coaches' toolbox. Continual learning is a fantastic way to keep coaches motivated and to continue to deliver trustworthy guidance to Alloy's clients. 

ACE: Embedded into ACE’s continuing education and certifications is our behavior-change philosophy, the ACE Mover Method. How do Alloy exercise professionals use this to help clients develop healthier lifestyles? 

RM: We know from our 30 years of in-the-trenches experience that managing client behavior is of the utmost importance to our clients and their goals. Being equipped with the skills and strategies to best align our programs and offerings with our clients' lifestyles and behaviors are a critical piece in the success of our customers and ultimately our business.  

ACE: Alloy is investing in health coach education for its exercise professionals. How does your organization view health coaching as an important part of the future for the fitness industry? 

RM: With technology being the big disruptor in fitness (and all industries), we know that a personalized, connected approach to our clients' journey is critical to any exercise professional's success in fitness. Accountability and specificity are the only real value propositions in our industry. We must look beyond "best workout" claims and begin to offer a comprehensive, holistic approach to client care. The ACE Health Coach Certification Program is the perfect tool to upskill coaches and organizations looking to better service their communities and grow their businesses. 


Rick Mayo

Since 1992, Rick has been operating a personal training business, Alloy Personal Training Center. In the past decade, he and his team began helping major brands and independent gyms, health clubs, and fitness businesses around the world deploy personal training systems through a licensing model under the Alloy brand, since then the Alloy personal training solutions, systems, platforms, and know-how have been used to serve millions of members in thousands of fitness facilities.