American Council on Exercise by American Council on Exercise

COVID-19 has dramatically altered the landscape of exercise. Throughout this time, ACE has been hard at work to ensure our exam candidates, certified exercise professionals and health coaches, and the public are equipped with timely information to stay safe and adjust to this new normalBelow is a quick summary of some of our efforts. 

Exam Candidates: ACE developed new, more flexible options and increased support 

Studying for a high-stakes exam is stressful as is, but when coupled with a pandemic and resulting testing site closures worldwidemany exam candidates are faced with new obstacles. ACE supports our exam candidates (i.e., individuals planning to sit for at least one of ACE’s four NCCA-accredited certifications) in a variety of efforts including: 

  • 10+ live, interactive webinars for exam candidates to hear the latest information about sitting for an exam during COVID-19 and to ask questions 
  • 1 FAQ about testing during COVID-19 
  • 1 FAQ about a new, upcoming live remote proctoring testing option 
  • Maintained existing (pre pandemic) exam support efforts like free study sessions, regular webinars and blogs 

Certified Professionals: ACE equipped professionals with data and tips to keep themselves and their clients safe and active 

Exercise professionals and health coaches come to ACE to get timely and useful advice on how to shift their practices to best meet their clients’ and business needs. In the last couple of months, ACE supported our certified professionals in the following ways: 

  • 1 free, virtual conference with 5 sessions, 3 live workouts and continued conversations on social media 
  • 22 blog posts on how to respond to COVID-19 
  • 13 discounts and opportunities specifically for ACE Certified Professionals to help their virtual transition  
  • 7 webinars on how to keep exercise professionals and health coaches working virtually 
  • 1 infographic on how to safety return to in-person services when appropriate  
  • 1 FAQ document on what the CARES Act means for exercise professionals and health coaches 
  • Updated recertification process that is more flexible 
  • Maintained pre-COVID education and support efforts like non-COVID-related webinars and continuing education opportunities 
  • Collaborated with other certification organizations within the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals (CREP) - an internationally recognized registry - to develop a joint recommendation for exercise professionals returning to work 

General Public: ACE shared multiple resources to encourage physical activity, even when sheltering-in-place

As a nonprofit, ACE strives to serve communities through our family of certified professionals and also through our free, science-based content intended for individuals interested in health and wellness. In response to COVID, ACE developed and shared blogs, articles, videos and advice on its website, through social media, and in national publications so individuals of all abilities and ages can stay active.

All these resources, and more, can be found on ACE’s COVID-19 webpage, which is updated regularly.