Shane Kinkennon by Shane Kinkennon

The COVID-19 pandemic has put to the test a key principle for ACE, which is that, as a nonprofit, we truly are in it for our certified professionals. We realize that to fulfill our mission to get people moving, the exercise professionals and health coaches we certify must be able to find and sustain work, feel fulfilled by that work and ultimately be situated thrive. 

The shutdown caused by COVID-19 presents ACE certified professionals with a real threat. Many ACE professionals who work for employers such as gyms, small studios, or wellness programs find themselves with shuttered workplaces. All of them are faced with clients who are sheltered in place, often with kids at home, feeling overwhelmed, and possibly facing disrupted work and income themselves. It’s an unprecedented moment.

So, I’m thrilled with the full-court press at ACE to help in the ways that we can. We recently launched a new, online compilation of information, tools and resources to help ACE certified professionals be as creative as possible about maintaining work with clients who are sheltered in place. And to provide meaningful support and connection to individuals who are studying for an ACE certification exam. If you’re interested, you can find the page here. We’ll be adding more resources to it in the days and weeks to come and sharing those additions via social media.

We even called on policymakers to keep in mind all types of small businesses and varieties of workers in the passage and implementation of relief packages. ACE urged lawmakers to explore the full array of mechanisms and vehicles available to state and federal governments to minimize the economic impact of the COVID-19 shutdown on exercise professionals and health coaches, as well as other workers like them. You can read the statement here.

We want our certified professionals, their families, and their friends to be well during what is a pretty scary time. And for those who would like, we want them to be able to continue the work they are so passionate about, which is getting people moving, and to do so, safely and sensitively. So, we’re trying to help in the small ways that we can.

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