ACE urges policymakers to not leave independent contractors, sole proprietors and small family businesses behind

Posted: Mar 20, 2020 in ACE Press Releases

ACE commends the U.S. Congress and state legislatures for the recent rapid exploration of legislative relief for small businesses and their employees who are either affected by the COVID-19 pandemic or are likely to be. We are encouraged by the bipartisan commitment to this cause.   

At the same time, ACE urges policymakers, as relief legislation options are considered, to take great care to avoid leaving independent contractors and self-employed people behind. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are tens of millions of small businesses in the U.S. that are self-employed individuals. Many of them are exercise professionals and health coaches who are certified by ACE, hardworking people whose livelihoods are being severely disrupted as public health authorities urge or require their businesses to shutter and Americans to shelter in place. These self-employed individuals are as essential to local economies as other types of small businesses and must be considered as well-intentioned legislators hunt for needed relief solutions. ACE urges policymakers to explore the full array of mechanisms and vehicles available to state and federal governments to minimize the impact on all working adults, not just some. Those include business-interruption loans as well as expanded unemployment benefits and earned sick-leave  

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