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  • Jan 5, 2022 - Stuff
  • 5 tips for getting back into the gym after lockdown

  • Work it!
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  • Jan 4, 2022 -
  • What Makes Someone an Expert in Diet and Nutrition?

  • For the best shot at bettering your eating habits or managing a condition, turn to the real experts.
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  • Jan 4, 2022 - The Washington Post
  • How to keep yourself and your kids safe around your home treadmill

  • An earlier version of this story suggested that Survey Monkey chief executive Dave Goldberg's death was due to a fall from a treadmill.
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  • Jan 2, 2022 - The Washington Post
  • Starting an exercise routine can feel overwhelming. Here’s how to begin.

  • In late fall 2020, more than six months into the pandemic, Irene Huston, a customer service manager in Ashburn, Va., won a month’s worth of classes at the Row House, a fitness studio that combines low-impact rowing with floor-based strengthening exercises.
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  • Jan 1, 2022 - News Break
  • How Many Reps and Sets Should You Do for the Best Strength-Training Results?

  • If you could look inside the heads of most people at the gym, you'd probably see their minds doing one of the three things during their workout — thinking about work, singing along with the songs in their headphones or counting out their reps and sets.
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  • Dec 28, 2021 - Parade
  • These Trainer-Approved Dumbbell Exercises Will Strengthen Your Back-and You Can Do Them in 15 Minutes or Lesss

  • has an extensive editorial partnership with Cleveland Clinic, consistently named as one of the nation’s best hospitals in U.S.
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  • Dec 23, 2021 - CNN Indonesia
  • 5 Trik Jalan Kaki yang Bantu Turunkan Berat Badan

  • Jalan kaki secara rutin dan konsisten dipercaya membantu penurunan berat badan.
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  • Dec 23, 2021 - MSN
  • This Is the Proper Way to Calculate How Many Calories You Need to Eat

  • Old school calorie-counting , it seems, is back in style.
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  • Dec 21, 2021 - Eat This Not That!
  • These 6 Walking Tricks Help You Burn Fat Faster, Science Says

  • Walking is a fantastic way to start exercising for fitness beginners.
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  • Dec 21, 2021 - MSN
  • What are the benefits of frog pumps?

  • Tired of glute bridges?
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  • Dec 20, 2021 - Healthline
  • Being Active vs. Scheduled Exercise for Older Adults

  • Experts say increasing the amount of movement an older adult has during the day can actually be healthier for them than regular, structured exercise Share on PinterestDaily physical activity such as gardening or playing with grandchildren can help older ad...
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  • Dec 17, 2021 - Yahoo News
  • Jumping Rope Burns A Ton Of Energy In A Short Amount Of Time

  • "Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through the links below."
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  • Dec 16, 2021 - MSN
  • Kate Hudson Just Shared the Sweetest Workout with Her Daughter

  • Like mother, like daughter holds true for Kate Hudson and her 3-year-old Rani Rose.
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  • Dec 14, 2021 - Club Industry
  • COVID-19 Can Infect Fat Cells, Study Finds

  • Fat cells can become infected with the coronavirus, which may help explain the link between obesity and greater adverse effects of COVID-19 on people who are obese, accor | The study could help explain why obese people seem to experience greater health iss...
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  • Dec 14, 2021 - Shape Magazine
  • Is It Bad to Work Out Every Day?

  • While racking up gold stars for getting in a workout each day sounds nice, it's not necessarily a good idea to push yourself every single day.
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  • Dec 13, 2021 - Club Insider
  • American Council on Exercise Expands Exercise Professional’s Development with Newly Launched Courses on Inclusivity | Health and Fitness Club Industry News

  • SAN DIEGO, CA - With the goal of giving individuals and communities access to health and fitness programming that positively impacts their lives, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) furthers its commitment to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion wi...
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  • Dec 13, 2021 -
  • Kettlebell workout for beginners: Five moves to get started

  • For a total body workout, kettlebell training is hard to beat.
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  • Dec 11, 2021 - Medium
  • Kevin Moran On The 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career In The Health and Wellness Industry

  • Sit with the discomfort of things not happening at the speed you want them to happen, but continue to push yourself forward.
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  • Dec 3, 2021 - MSN
  • Indoor vs outdoor cycling: What should be your pick?

  • Cycling really brings with it a dose of nostalgia.
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  • Dec 2, 2021 - Today
  • What is a fartlek? The training technique made me a faster runner

  • In a fartlek run, you might pick out a tree or road sign and run faster until you reach it, then jog slowly until you get to another marker.
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  • Dec 1, 2021 - MSN
  • Best TRX Workouts to Build Muscle and Lose Weight

  • Now that almost everyone on planet Earth has become more accustomed to home workouts , now is the perfect time to start expanding your at-home fitness arsenal.
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  • Nov 30, 2021 - Livestrong
  • How to Do Chin-Ups for Next-Level Strength and Muscle

  • The chin-up exercise works the lats and upper back muscles, similarly to the pull-up, but puts more emphasis on the biceps, too.
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  • Nov 29, 2021 - Eat This Not That!
  • Doing This One Thing While Running Burns Twice the Calories, Science Says

  • This content references scientific studies and academic research, and is fact-checked to ensure accuracy.Our team of licensed nutritionists and dietitians strives to be objective, unbiased, and honest.We are committed to bringing you researched, expert-dri...
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  • Nov 27, 2021 - The Manual
  • The Benefits of TRX Suspension Trainers

  • TRX straps are a suspension training tool with unique versatility and fitness benefits that span the gamut from improving balance and core strength to increasing muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.
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  • Nov 21, 2021 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Ask Away: How can I strengthen my core?

  • Question: I just moved and hurt my back lifting boxes.
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  • Nov 19, 2021 - Shape Magazine
  • This 5-Move, No-Weight Arm Workout Will Leave Your Entire Upper Body Shaking

  • Once you experience the major bicep burn this no-weight arm workout gives you, you'll forget all about dumbbells.
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  • Nov 18, 2021 - Los Angeles Times
  • 5 cool SoCal turkey trots, but no stuffing (yourself)

  • 5 cool SoCal turkey trots, but no stuffing (yourself)If you sat out last year’s Thanksgiving race because of COVID-19 cancelations, take heart.
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  • Nov 16, 2021 - Fatherly
  • 5 Under-the-Radar Ab Exercises to Add to Your Routine | Fatherly

  • Because scoring killer abs and a strong core doesn’t have to be boring.
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  • Nov 11, 2021 -
  • The Shocking Number Of Calories The Average American Eats On Thanksgiving

  • The Shocking Number Of Calories The Average American Eats On ThanksgivingT-minus two weeks until Thanksgiving Day : Are you ready?
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  • Nov 9, 2021 - Livestrong
  • How to Do Preacher Curls for Bigger, Stronger Biceps

  • The preacher curl exercise is a great biceps exercise to isolate the arms and keep you from using momentum to cheat.
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  • Nov 6, 2021 - The New York Times
  • Body Shaming Dressed Up as a Fitness Goal Is Still Body Shaming

  • The University of Oregon is known for its track and field program.
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  • Nov 6, 2021 - Nature
  • Illness perceptions and health-related quality of life in individuals with overweight and obesity

  • AbstractIntroductionTo understand how individuals (self-)manage obesity, insight is needed into how patients perceive their condition and how this perception translates into health outcomes (e.g., health-related quality of life, HRQOL).
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  • Nov 4, 2021 - Livestrong
  • Push-Ups vs. Bench Presses: Which Is the Better Chest Exercise?

  • Bench presses and push-ups are both great chest exercises, but there are pros and cons to each move.
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  • Nov 3, 2021 - MedicineNet
  • How Do You Calculate Ideal Body Weight?

  • What are other methods for calculating ideal body weight?
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  • Nov 1, 2021 - News Break
  • Why You Should Avoid The Bicep Curl Machine At The Gym

  • Step into any gym and you're likely to be dazzled by the array of machines and fitness equipment available.
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  • Oct 29, 2021 - Livestrong
  • How to Do Wall Angels for Strong, Pain-Free Shoulders

  • The wall angel exercise benefits muscles throughout your upper back, rotator cuffs and shoulders.
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  • Oct 28, 2021 - The Washington Post
  • How weighted vests and ankle or wrist weights can — and can’t — improve your workout

  • Ankle and wrist weights should be limited to strength moves, while weighted vests can safely boost the intensity of both cardio and strength workouts Just like scrunchies and bike shorts, another trend from decades past is back: ankle and wrist weights, ...
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  • Oct 27, 2021 - Club Insider
  • ACE Grows Health Coach Education with the Launch of its Health Coach Advanced Training Program | Health and Fitness Club Industry News

  • SAN DIEGO, CA - The American Council on Exercise (ACE) announces the launch of the Health Coach Advanced Training Program, an immersive, modern learning experience packed with advanced coaching skills, hands-on training and practical experience needed to e...
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  • Oct 23, 2021 - SELF Magazine
  • A Resistance Band Back Workout That'll Help You Stand Up Straight

  • For many people, back strength likely isn’t a top fitness priority.
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  • Oct 23, 2021 -
  • 6 Stretches to Help With Recovery After Breast Cancer Surgery

  • Exercise and simple stretching following a mastectomy or other breast cancer surgery can reduce stiffness and increase range of motion.
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  • Oct 22, 2021 - Yahoo!
  • Doing Cardio Before Or After Weights Depends On These Factors

  • "Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through the links below."
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  • Oct 8, 2021 - The Washington Post
  • Do you sometimes taste blood when working out? Here’s what might be happening.

  • Most people are familiar with the signs of an intense workout.
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  • Oct 7, 2021 - The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • She’s learned firsthand how long-term exercise holds the key to healthy aging

  • Just as I have been depositing money in my IRA retirement account for decades, I’ve been steadily building reserves in my health account with a continuous, long-term exercise regimen.
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  • Sep 29, 2021 - Medical News Today (MNT)
  • Bowflex Revolution home gym review | Medical News Today

  • The Bowflex Revolution home gym comes with a range of features that allow people to perform strength-training exercises at home.
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  • Sep 29, 2021 -
  • Running to lose weight: How it really works

  • What’s the best exercise for weight loss?Are you running to lose weight?
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  • Sep 27, 2021 - Patch
  • MarketInk: J. Walcher Communications Promotes 2 On Staff, Makes New Hire

  • Celebrating 20 years in business, JWC was recognized in November 2020 by Forbes magazine as one of America's Best PR Agencies.
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  • Sep 25, 2021 -
  • Video Can yoga help you lose weight? Diet and fitness experts weigh in on health benefits

  • I’ve been practising yoga for years, and I love how it makes me feel and all the health benefits it brings.
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  • Sep 23, 2021 - MSN
  • Can yoga help you lose weight? Diet and fitness experts weigh in

  • I’ve been practicing yoga for years, and I love how it makes me feel and all the health benefits it brings.
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  • Sep 20, 2021 - Well+Good
  • A Podiatrist Confirms That Converse Makes Some of the Best Shoes for Weightlifting

  • It’s no secret that Converse are the shoe of choice for avid gym-goers.
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  • Sep 17, 2021 - News Break
  • The Best At-Home Workout Equipment of 2021

  • It's easy to get a little jealous of all the amazing, high-tech at-home gyms you see on Instagram.
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  • Sep 15, 2021 - Consumer Reports
  • Strength Training Using Adjustable Dumbbells Guide - Consumer Reports

  • Once your goals change, so might your workouts—someone training for a competitive cycling race might adjust their training plan, for example.
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  • Sep 13, 2021 - News Break
  • Muscles Shaking During a Workout? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

  • You're crushing it in Pilates or barre , holding your plank like a mother, when all of a sudden you feel your abs, arms or even legs shaking during the workout.
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  • Sep 9, 2021 - Chicago Tribune
  • The best weighted gloves

  • If you’re looking for a way to enhance your exercise routine, consider investing in a pair of weighted gloves.
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  • Sep 9, 2021 -
  • Is running good for weight loss?

  • If you’ve been asking, is running good for weight loss?
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  • Sep 7, 2021 - Greatist
  • My Name Is Curl: Nailing Sick Biceps Gains with Cable Curls

  • We include products we think are useful for our readers.
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  • Sep 7, 2021 - Eat This Not That!
  • The #1 Exercise Injury You Need to Avoid After 60, Says Science

  • This content references scientific studies and academic research, and is fact-checked to ensure accuracy.
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  • Sep 7, 2021 - Yahoo!
  • Shape Studio: Outdoor HIIT Routine for Hot, Muggy Days

  • If it feels like you've been living in a literal sauna for the past three months, you're not just imagining it.
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  • Sep 4, 2021 - USA Today
  • Jump into a new fitness routine with a mini trampoline

  • — Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors.
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  • Sep 4, 2021 - Tom's Guide
  • 5 exercises you should stop doing now — and what to do instead

  • No pain, no gain, right?
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  • Sep 3, 2021 - Eat This Not That!
  • Over 60? This 10-Minute Stretching Workout Does Wonders for Your Body

  • Even some of the most passionate gym rats I know think stretching is something that's both annoying and avoidable.
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  • Sep 2, 2021 - Insider
  • Why you should consider aerial yoga whether you're a beginner or seasoned yogi

  • - Aerial yoga uses a silk hammock to perform poses and stretches designed to increase flexibility.
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  • Sep 2, 2021 - News Break
  • Is Walking With Ankle Weights Good or Bad?

  • Exercise doesn't have to be complicated.
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  • Sep 1, 2021 - Medical News Today (MNT)
  • ProForm elliptical review 2021 | Medical News Today

  • ProForm sells interactive training equipment.
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  • Sep 1, 2021 - Healthline
  • Burning 1,000 Calories a Day: Tips, Cautions, and More

  • Burning 1,000 calories a day can mean different things.
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  • Aug 30, 2021 - News Break
  • Do You Burn More Calories in Hot or Cold Temperatures?

  • Do you burn more calories walking in the heat or cold?
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  • Aug 25, 2021 - EatingWell
  • This Is the Best Time of Day to Exercise if You Struggle to Make It a Habit, According to Research

  • Regular exercise is important for weight loss, chronic disease prevention and our overall health—here's how to make it part of your routine.
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  • Aug 25, 2021 - Greatist
  • Simply the Vest: 5 Weighted Vest Benefits for All Fitness Styles

  • A weighted vest can be a super versatile and hella effective piece of workout equipment.
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  • Aug 24, 2021 - Beachbody
  • Add These 5 Body-Weight Moves to Your Next Beach Workout

  • Ready to shake up your workout?
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  • Aug 23, 2021 - Yahoo News
  • These 2 Exercises Are the Keys to a Leaner Body Fast, Say Experts

  • While we're major proponents of strength training here at ETNT Mind+Body, we're also major proponents of simply mixing up your routine and trying all sorts of things.
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  • Aug 20, 2021 - Yahoo!
  • 5 Simple Hamstring Exercises (Plus 2 Great Stretches) to Strengthen and Lengthen the Backs of Your Legs

  • You don't often hear anyone talking about how hard they hit their hamstrings at the gym.
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  • Aug 17, 2021 - Today
  • I want to lose weight. Should I be doing low-intensity cardio or HIIT training?

  • HIIT involves alternating between short bursts of intense effort and rest, while LISS is low-intensity exercise at a relatively easy pace.TODAY Illustration / Getty Images If you had to pick the better runner — a sprinter or a marathoner — the answer would...
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  • Aug 15, 2021 - Yahoo News
  • You Can Actually Put On Muscle Way Faster Than You Think

  • If you’re looking to see how much muscle you can gain in a month, you’d be wise to focus on strength training first and foremost.
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  • Aug 15, 2021 - Health
  • Cardiovascular Endurance Is a Huge Part of Any Fitness Routine—Here's How to Improve Yours

  • You don't have to be a marathoner to benefit from boosting this part of your training.
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  • Aug 11, 2021 - Fatherly
  • 7 Ways to Build Functional Fitness Without Ever Hitting the Gym | Fatherly

  • You really don't need to hit the gym to get in shape.
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  • Aug 10, 2021 - Chicago Tribune
  • ‘Bring people into your space’ How Chicago fitness instructors are working to make the field more inclusive

  • To change that, she became a yoga instructor.
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  • Aug 9, 2021 - Eat This Not That!
  • Morning Exercises You Shouldn't Skip After 60, Says Science

  • We can't stress it enough: If you're over 60, it's crucial that you continue exercising as much as you can, and preferably with a healthy dose of strength training .
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  • Aug 8, 2021 - News Break
  • 5 Ways to Shorten Your Workouts and Get Better Results

  • Most people don't have the time (or desire) to spend countless hours at the gym.
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  • Aug 8, 2021 - Livestrong
  • 5 Ways to Get Efficient and Effective Workouts With Better Results |

  • Incorporating drop sets, supersets and compound exercises into your routine can help you get a short but effective workout.
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  • Aug 5, 2021 - AARP
  • How to Take Your Fitness Up a Notch

  • En español | Maybe you’ve been sedentary for months or have held off on exercise because of the pain in your knees.
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  • Aug 5, 2021 - MSN
  • A "smart" workout mirror could be the key to at-home exercise motivation

  • — Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors.
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  • Aug 4, 2021 - USA Today
  • Will a weighted hula hoop help you step up your fitness game?

  • — Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors.
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  • Aug 2, 2021 - Livestrong
  • 7 Signs You Need a Rest Day From Exercise |

  • Proper rest days benefit your mental and physical health.
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  • Jul 29, 2021 - Yahoo!
  • Weight Loss Experts Say These Are the Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat for Good

  • “Hearst Magazines and Verizon Media may earn commission or revenue on some items through the links below.” Losing weight in general is hard, but dropping belly fat in particular can feel insurmountable.
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  • Jul 28, 2021 - Shape Magazine
  • The Best Cardio Exercises to Mix Into Your Home Workout — Besides Running

  • Fitness pros share the best cardio exercises that are practically guaranteed to get your heart rate up and leave your muscles quivering.
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  • Jul 27, 2021 - Eat This Not That!
  • Lean-Body Workouts Everyone Over 40 Should Do, Says Trainer

  • There are a few universal truths that we can expect from life: boredom and long waits at the DMV, paying taxes, and getting older.
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  • Jul 27, 2021 - USA Today
  • Why paddle boarding should be your new fave summer hobby

  • Reviewed — Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors.
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  • Jul 25, 2021 - AskMen
  • Are These Muscle Growth Myths True or False?

  • Trainers Reveal the Most Common Muscle Growth Myths When it comes to strength-focused fitness goals, there are lots of ways to effectively improve your muscular endurance or strength.
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  • Jul 25, 2021 - Times Now News
  • Are women's and men's protein needs different? - Hear it from the expert

  • Are women's and men's protein needs different?
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  • Jul 25, 2021 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
  • Making fitness more welcoming to marginalized groups? One industry group is working to make that happen

  • (FatCamera/Getty Images/iStockphoto) Jess Jackson is a racial equity strategist with TorranceLearning, who helped collaborate with the American Council on Exercise and other experts and professionals, to design a course for fitness professionals to create ...
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  • Jul 23, 2021 - Fatherly
  • This Weighted Vest Workout Is the Secret to Leveling Up Your Fitness | Fatherly

  • Strapping a few extra pounds to your body during exercise can give the edge you’ve been seeking.
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  • Jul 17, 2021 - Athletech
  • ACE Offers Course On Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • ACE feels certain “social deterrents” to a healthier lifestyle can be overcome by educating fitness professionals.
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  • Jul 16, 2021 - Yahoo!
  • What's Better for Heart Health: Cardio or Strength Training? Here's What Research Says

  • Thanks to decades of research that dove into the best exercise for weight loss, we now know that both strength training AND cardio are crucial pieces of the weight loss (or maintenance) pie.
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  • Jul 15, 2021 - AARP
  • 5 Ways to Avoid Exercise Injuries After 50

  • En español | While staying safe at a gym took on a whole new meaning during the pandemic, if you're thinking about getting back to a fitness regimen this summer, you'll be wise to consider the more pedestrian dangers involving treadmills and bench presses ...
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  • Jul 13, 2021 - Medium
  • Nurudeen Tijani of TitaniumPhysique On The 5 Things You Need To Do To Achieve a Healthy Body Weight, And Keep It Permanently

  • Adopt a weight training program.
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  • Jul 13, 2021 - WebMD
  • The Marketing of Sports Recovery for Everyday Athletes – WebMD

  • July 13, 2021 -- Maybe it was Tom Brady’s infrared pajamas, but for a lot of sports fans and weekend-warrior athletes, the moment when “recovery” science reached head-scratching heights came with an Instagram post from Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire.
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  • Jul 13, 2021 - MedicineNet
  • Is Working Out 20 Minutes a Day Enough?

  • The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week.
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  • Jul 12, 2021 -
  • Tips for Being Active During Work

  • Eat + RunWellnessHome How to Squeeze in Exercise During Work Sitting at a desk all day is disastrous for your body.
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  • Jul 11, 2021 - Livestrong
  • How to Do Leg Extensions at Home (and at the Gym) |

  • In This ArticleInstructions Benefits Mistakes Variations ProgressionsUnlike squats, leg extensions isolate your quads, helping you build greater strength in these muscles.
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  • Jul 10, 2021 - Livestrong
  • Avoid These 12 Mistakes to Keep Joints Healthy as You Age

  • To keep joints healthy, put a cap on caffeine.
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