American Council on Exercise by American Council on Exercise

ACE believes that building SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound) fee-for-service health-coaching programs that are available to members and non-members alike is a model that could provide a significant additional stream of revenue and engagement for membership-based facilities. SMART health coaching could provide facilities with an opportunity to take advantage of the growing wellness economy, a $4.2 trillion industry based on the Global Wellness Economy Monitor.

By addressing common health problems such as diabetes, weight loss and high blood pressure in a SMART programmatic framework, health clubs and exercise facilities, open themselves up to the possibility to attracting a portion of the 80% of the population who are currently not members. These types of fee-for-service health-coaching programs would act as a “try before you buy” approach while providing relevant physical activity and lifestyle programs and interventions that allow participants who are potential future members to explore and become familiar with the environment through a safe, controlled and supportive environment.

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