American Council on Exercise by American Council on Exercise

ACE is part of a collaborative effort to transform clinical care through the increased incorporation of lifestyle-medicine practices. Like many of our partners, ACE believes that lifestyle medicine is a key to addressing modifiable unhealthy behaviors – including physical inactivity – which are major drivers of chronic disease and healthcare costs. According to recent research, only 42.9% of healthcare-utilizing adults receive physical-activity advice from their doctor or another healthcare professional. At ACE, we would love to see the percentage increase, and much of our advocacy efforts are directed toward that objective.

Recently our President and Chief Science Officer Cedric X. Bryant, Ph. D., FACSM presented as part of a Harvard Medical School course entitled Lifestyle Medicine: Tools for Promoting Healthy Change. In the presentation, Dr. Bryant reviewed evidence-based answers to some of the common physical fitness-related questions that patients tend to ask. We at ACE are eager to partner with the lifestyle-medicine community in the mission to convince more healthcare providers to commit to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to help their patients become more physically active; make lasting behavioral changes that will positively impact their overall health and well-being; and empower them to live more fulfilling lives.