American Council on Exercise by American Council on Exercise

The 2019 Congressional Fitness Challenge is complete. Congratulations to all teams who got moving this year! It was a fun, exciting challenge with an ever-changing leader board. ACE would like to thank every team and team member who got moving this year. You truly brought ACE’s mission of getting people moving to life!

During the course of the 4th Annual Congressional Fitness Challenge teams:

  • Walked an average of 10,194 steps a day
  • Walked from Washington, DC to ACE Headquarters in San Diego 65 times

The overall winner was Team Brady (TX)! Team Brady (TX) is also our winner on the House side walking 20,830 steps on average every day— Congrats Team Brady (TX)! On the Senate side, Team Burr (NC) walked an average of 14,973 to take first place. Finally, congratulations to Rudy Maloy from Team Lawson (FL), who walked an incredible average of 35,941 steps a day to be our individual winner. The full leader board is below:

Thank you again to all individuals and teams for participating in ACE’s 4th Annual Congressional Fitness Challenge, and to MoveSpring, for making the technology to power this walking challenge.

Although this year’s challenge is over, it doesn’t mean that Congress can’t keep getting steps in and staying active. The ACE Exercise Library and ACE Walking Toolkit has thousands of movements and workouts to increase or supplement your walking; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Active People Healthy Nation website provides information on how to get your group or community more active.

ACE is always a resource for any member of Congress looking to learn more about increasing physical activity their community, and proud to be able to provide teams with a reason to get moving in a structured way while still having fun.