American Council on Exercise by American Council on Exercise

The ACE-developed and funded Prescription for Activity (PfA) Taskforce systems-change map was recently the subject of an article in the peer-reviewed journal the American Journal of Health PromotionThe outcomes-focused map outlines the mobilization of healthcare to help facilitate more Americans to become more physically active-- ultimately leading to better health and less health disparities. Overall, the PfA Task Force imagines a new paradigm for physical activity where health-care providers routinely assess physical activity levels, encourage physical activity among their patients, counsel on its necessity, and then refer patients to appropriate community partners based on each patient’s interests and readiness to change.  

To read more about the innovative PfA road map as described by ACE Chief Science Officer and President, please visit the American Journal of Health Promotion.   

Ultimate outcomes and long-term goals of the PfA systems-change map.