American Council on Exercise by American Council on Exercise

Every little bit counts when it comes to physical activity. That is the great news revealed in the federal government’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (Guidelines), which have been revised for the first time since originally published 10 years ago. One of the key revisions include the removing the criteria that only 10-minute bouts of physical activity counted toward meeting the Guidelines; now, any amount of physical activity is beneficial.  

This update will be impactful given that globally, 1 in 4 individuals are not active enough. Experts recognize that this guideline revision could be beneficial to high priority groups including low-income households and communities of color. These groups typically have less access to safe and accessible physical activity opportunities.  

ACE encourages physical activity partners to share the Guidelines' tools widely and spread the message that a walk around the neighborhood or playing with your kids can drive health benefits. This is an easy way to open the door for those in pursuit of health equity, and physical-activity promoters, to marry education efforts for the greater good. 

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