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It is widely accepted in research, public health and healthcare that physical inactivity is one of the leading modifiable risk factors for several chronic diseases and even death. In other words, if individuals increase their physical activity, their risk of many chronic diseases and death could potentially decrease. The recently released second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans supports these findings, and emphasizes any physical activity, no matter the duration or intensity, is beneficial to your health.  

As part of our work and the collective efforts of like-minded organizations across the country, ACE strives to find new ways to increase physical activity levels for all Americans. Walking is one of the most accessible and adaptable forms of physical activity for many individuals, and as such, a great tool to engage and encourage people to increase their physical activity.  

First introduced in 2016, the ACE® Congressional Fitness Challenge provides our nation’s leaders the opportunity to set a healthy example for their communities and constituents through a friendly steps competition. The concept of the six-week challenge is simple: get moving as much as possible. Last year it produced impressive results, where more than 700 staffers and 30 members of Congress collectively walked nearly 120,000 miles – that’s like walking around the Equator five times! 

ACE is thrilled to see even more individuals registered for the 2019 Congressional Fitness Challenge, and we’re excited to support participants as they increase their physical activity and live out ACE’s mission to get people moving. This year’s challenge will run from February 11 through March 24, 2019 with updates and team standings posted regularly throughout the challenge here, on this blog.  

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