Lie on the ground on the right side, with the body curled in the fetal position and the kettlebell in the right hand. Roll over to the back facing the ceiling with the left leg out straight about 45 degrees and the right knee bent so that the right foot is flat on the floor. Grip a kettlebell tightly in the right arm and hold it straight overhead with the left arm directly out to the left side. Lift the right shoulder off the ground, and push up with the left hand while curling the chest up. Keeping the eyes on the kettlebell throughout the movement, push the right foot into the floor and straighten the left arm to lift the hips off the floor. Hold the bridge position while bringing the left leg back and placing the left knee on the floor directly under the hips. Remove the left hand from the floor, and move into a kneeling position with the left knee and right foot on the ground. Continue to hold the right arm overhead and press the right foot into the ground, swinging the left leg forward to stand up straight. To return to the ground, step back with the left leg and slowly lower to a kneeling position, place the left hand on the floor and sweep the left leg to the front of the body. Hold the bridge position between left hand and right foot, then slowly lower the hips to the ground before rolling all the way back to the ground.