Place a cable pulley in the highest position, and attach a single handle. Stand facing the pulley balancing on the left foot with the right knee lifted as high as the hip and the right knee bent about 90 degrees. Grip the handle in the right hand so that the right palm is facing the center of the body. Lift the left arm out straight and a little above the shoulder. Lower the right leg back behind the body into a static lunge with the right knee close to the floor. Keep the right arm straight out in front of the body holding the handle. At the bottom of the movement, push the left foot into the floor and pull back with the right hand. Swing the right leg forward off the ground to balance on the left leg. Opon standing up, row the right hand back to the chest. Pause for one second before slowly straightening the right arm and lowering back into a lunge position with the right leg behind.

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