Place a barbell on the floor, and grip it with the hands wider than shoulder-width using a hook grip (thumbs wrapped around the bar and fingers wrapped around the thumb.) Keep the feet slightly wider than hip-width and bend at the hips to sink into a squat. Keep the back straight and the chest tall while explosively driving the legs into the floor and pulling up on the bar for the first pull. As the bar reaches knee-height extend the hips open explosively to keep the bar moving upwards close to the front of the body. As the bar passes the chest pull the body under the bar by sliding the feet out to shoulder-width apart and dropping the hips into a squat. Punch the arms straight overhead to catch the weight in an overhead squat position. From a deep squat keep the barbell directly overhead and press the feet into the floor to stand up. Once reaching the standing position, pause before lowering the weight to the floor. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

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