Place a barbell in a rack at approximately shoulder-height. Grip the bar with the hands about shoulder-width apart and dip under the bar to bring it off the rack. Step backwards with the bar resting across the front of the shoulders. The palms should be facing the ceiling and the elbows pointed straight ahead. Quickly bend the knees while keeping the back straight and the chest tall. Explosively drive the feet into the ground to send the bar directly upwards overhead. While driving the bar upwards, make a little jump and push body under the bar as it is moving upwards landing with the right foot forward and left leg behind (feet should remain approximately hip-width apart). The bar should finish its upward movement while the right leg is in a lunged position. Press the right foot into the floor and step back a half step, then step the left foot forward until both feet are in the same line, shoulder width apart, while holding the barbell overhead. Lower the bar to the shoulders and repeat.

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