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ACE Health Coach Exam Requirements

To sit for the ACE Health Coach Certification Exam, you must:

You must also SUBMIT proof of at least ONE of the following:

  1. Current NCCA-accredited certification† in fitness, nutrition, healthcare, wellness, human resources or a related field
  2. An associate degree or higher from an accredited college or university in fitness, exercise science, nutrition, healthcare, wellness or a related field
  3. A completed health coach training and education program approved by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaches (ICHWC)‡
  4. A minimum of two years of documented work experience in coaching, leading, designing, implementing, or facilitating one or more of the following: behavior or lifestyle change, exercise, wellness, nutrition, or physical activity

*CPR and AED certificates are both required in the U.S. and Canada. Candidates outside the U.S. and Canada are only required to hold a current CPR certificate due to differing international laws regarding AED use by non-medical professionals. Candidates taking an ACE exam via computer-based testing must obtain a current CPR/AED certificate prior to registration. A list of NCCA-accredited certification programs can be found at: A list of ICHWC-approved training and education programs can be found at: Note: Candidates must submit supporting documentation of current NCCA-accredited certifications, degrees and/or work experience prior to registering for the ACE Health Coach exam.

Pre-approval Process

Candidates must submit supporting documentation of current NCCA-accredited certifications, degrees and/or work experience prior to registering for the ACE Health Coach exam.

Submit Pre-Approval Documents

If you have any questions, please email us at

Health Coach Study Programs Updated For 2018

Study materials for the ACE Health Coach Certification come in two options – both of which offer aspiring health coaches an exam voucher and a variety of study materials to help you prepare. The Premium program includes our presentation-led study platform, ACE Academy Premium. Featuring a broad range of educational tools such as a video lecture series, simulated coaching sessions, audio recordings of select chapters, as well as three practice tests, the Premium program ultimately offers the best value and most robust option. To start your journey toward certification, make sure you meet the pre-requisite requirements for becoming an ACE Certified Health Coach prior to sitting for the exam.



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Move your career further as an ACE Certified Professional and save 20% on an additional ACE Certification. This includes our Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach and Certified Medical Exercise Specialist study programs.

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid only for currently certified ACE Professionals.

Free shipping is included for all of your materials via FedEx Ground shipping. Please note this service is only available in the 50 U.S. states. Standard shipping charges will apply to residents of U.S. territories and countries outside of the United States.

Item Value: $30

When you choose our Premium Program, you have the option to divide the total cost into four monthly payments of $149.75. No interest or finance charges will apply, and you’ll get all the materials shipped to your house after the first payment is processed.


Included at no charge in the Premium Study Program for a limited time only, our new eBook creates a digital home for aspiring ACE Certified Health Coaches eager to take their studies on the go. Incorporating the most modern technology in digital publications, the eBook allows you to access our core study material from virtually any tablet, smartphone or desktop. Bookmark and highlight key content, take notes, and access hyperlinks embedded in the text when you're connected to the Internet.

ACE Health Coach Manual eBook Item Value: $35

Intended for fitness, wellness, corporate and allied health professionals, the ACE Health Coach Manual is the core study material for the ACE Health Coach Exam. The text incorporates expanded information about coaching people through nutrition and fitness behavior change, exercise programming based on the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® model, and up-to-date statistics from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the American College of Sports Medicine. Content includes contributions by fitness and industry leaders such as award-winning personal trainer Jonathan Ross, behavioral psychologist Dr. Michael Mantell and registered dietitian Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH.

ACE Health Coach Manual Item Value: $70

Good for 6 months from the purchase date of your study program, our electronic exam vouchers allow you to easily register for an exam administered at a site near you without any additional cost. To redeem, you will simply follow the instructions in your My ACE Account that you create upon checkout. You will not receive a voucher in the mail or email. Exam vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Item Value: $400

ACE Academy Premium, the ultimate study experience for aspiring ACE Health Coaches, features a broad range of educational tools such as a video lecture series, simulated coaching sessions, audio recordings of select chapters, as well as three online practice tests.

Item Value: $585

A collection of 10 presentations led by an ACE-certified professional covering weight management psychology, the physiology of obesity, techniques for lifestyle coaching, development of exercise programs, and the relationship between physical activity and nutrition for weight control, as the material appears in the ACE Health Coach Manual.

Individualized self-paced study track that allows users to check reading, video and quiz assignments off as they go.

Reinforce your comprehension with audio recordings focused on the most coaching-centric chapters from the ACE Health Coach Manual.

Gain invaluable insight into the practical application of key health coaching concepts with these seven coaching sessions between a health coach and client.

An essential blueprint for the exam, the online exam review will help you understand how the actual test will be laid out, how many questions will be asked about each performance domain by topic, and how your score will be determined.

Designed to simulate the actual ACE Health Coach Certification exam, our practice tests include 60 multiple-choice questions, detailed score reports with immediate feedback on your performance, and explanations and references for each correct response. Successful performance on the practice test does not guarantee you will pass the actual exam, but it will help you identify areas to spend additional time reviewing.

ACE Academy Select uses presentations to give candidates an in-depth look at topics covered on the exam so they can better understand the content. The study resource also includes custom progress tracking, our exam review and two online practice tests.

Item Value: $365

Whether you have a study question, or just need a pep talk, our team of study coaches will be with you every step of the way. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to help you get certified and launch your career as an ACE Certified Health Coach.

Benefit from live study help via our friendly and knowledgeable study coaches in the resource center over the phone and in email, as well as through live Q&A sessions on Facebook and one-on-one reviews of your practice test results. Study coach phone and email response times are typically around 1-3 business days.

Item Value: $229

Though not as robust as the comprehensive access offered in the Health Coach Premium option, you will still receive significant personalized assistance from our study coaches, including one-on-one reviews of your practice test results, access to live Q&A sessions on Facebook and direct responses from study coaches via email (typical response time 1-3 days).

Item Value: $144

An accompanying study resource to the ACE Health Coach Manual, our Master the Manual text offers chapter-by-chapter outlines, assignments and quizzes to test your comprehension and reinforce key concepts. Valued at $30, Master the Manual helps you get the most out of your ACE Health Coach Manual.

ACE Health Coach Master the Manual Study Guide Item Value: $30