Provider: UrbanKick
Type: Online Course
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CEC Credits: ACE 0.7 CECs
This self paced course expertly blends the practical and theoretical education necessary to teach a cardio kickboxing class. You will learn instructor fundamentals and be equipped with all of the tools necessary to lead a fun, dynamic, and athletic workout. This course teach the fundamentals of planning, designing and teaching a cardio kickboxing class for a diverse demographic. You will complete 10 sections of course content with both video tutorials, class design templates and lectures. You will have the opportunity to practice teaching sections of each class, including the warm-up, numerous punch and kick combinations, athletic drills and learn how to flow the drills together. You will design your own class and submit these videos for feedback from your Urbankick mentor. To support you through this process you will receive; Music mix Instructor Manual (Chapter Reviews) Class design templates Easy quizzes to support learning Personal and expert feedback on your progress and video submissions Peer support from your cohort through a private Facebook group


it is a good intro to the Urbankick certification and it gives you an excellent discount for the course!

I liked the material taught, thought it was right on target for where I am, but wish Urbankick had offered a discount for their course after taking this one. Also, maybe outdated, but the music link in the book was no longer active, though the site itself has much to offer. I will most likely do the moves slower than the pace taught in order to get full ROM and accurate technique. Things got a little sloppy when on beat with the music.

Love this!

The punching and kicking technique was horrible! Made me cringe to watch! And on top of that I have to go to their site and register with them and do it all over again to really be certified to teach cardio kickboxing!!!??? Are you kidding me? How in the world did this benefit me!!!!!????!!! It was horrible!