Provider: Pilates Academy International
Type: Online Course
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CEC Credits: ACE 0.1 CECs

A Comprehensive Introduction to Fundamental Pilates Exercises

Created for fitness professionals who want to expand their exercise repertoire and be able to serve clients who want to integrate Pilates into their workouts, this course will give you a solid introduction and strong foundation in teaching Pilates properly, safely and effectively.

In this course, you’ll learn 11 essential Pilates exercises you can immediately incorporate into your sessions and classes. Because proper form and alignment are essential to reaping the benefits of Pilates, the precise technique and regression of each exercise is emphasized so that you can tailor them to your client’s or participant’s unique needs. By breaking down large concepts into digestible pieces, you’ll understand how Pilates exercises differ from traditional strength training.

Led by Katherine and Kimberly Corp, owners and operators of Pilates on Fifth, Manhattan’s largest Pilates studio since 2000, you’ll be able to help people achieve immense stability, strength and functional range of motion gains from incorporating Pilates into their fitness regimen. Kimberly and Katherine both authored the Amazon bestseller, Pilates for Beginners, and are committed to debunking Pilates myths and providing fitness professionals the best, high-quality training.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Cue and correct proper form when teaching the exercises, which will ensure that the Pilates exercises can be effective in strengthening and stabilizing the clients
  • Choose the most suitable version of each exercise for your clients by understanding regressions for each exercise
  • Understand how the Pilates exercises can be implemented smoothly into current training regimes

PRO TIP: To level up your skillset, it is recommended you take 11 Intermediate Pilates Exercises for Fitness Professionals after completion of this foundational course.


The explanations were clear and concise and the presenters used appropriate terminology and great visual cues.

Great educators. Great explanations and I enjoyed the video demo.

Excellent instructional videos and practical to use in training

Excellent content. Clear explanations of regressions as well as what to look out for when someone is doing the exercises. Highly recommend and looking forward to doing the longer course.

Great Information and demonstrations of the foundational exercises of Pilates!