Provider: The Seattle Gym
Type: Online Course
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CEC Credits: ACE 0.6 CECs

Lead Your Classes with the Ultimate High Energy Workout

Are you ready for the next evolution of high intensity interval training (HIIT)? Total Body Tabata™ combines HIIT and the group fitness dynamic into a high energy format, offering you a unique opportunity to provide the perfect mix of cardio and strength work. Focused on the exerciser, not the exercise, Total Body Tabata™ eliminates the stress of learning complex choreography or staying “on-beat” with music for your participants. Instead, it provides exercise regression and progression layers that enable all skill levels to achieve the proper intensity to improve fitness and health.

Led by Total Body Tabata™ founders Autumn Skeel and Vicki Moen, this course teaches a modality that will enable you to lead engaging, time efficient classes aimed at getting your participants working at their peak effort while having fun doing it.

Career Outlook

Total Body Tabata™ offers a turn-key approach with classes designed in 30-, 45- and 60-minute formats, allowing you the flexibility to program for a wide variety of fitness levels. The program also provides a soundtrack specifically designed to build during the “work” mode and diminish during the “rest” mode. By utilizing the pre-produced and timed music, your focus is on coaching the exercise, reinforcing form and motivating the participant! Total Body Tabata™ is a spirited workout in which no two classes are alike, keeping clients coming back for more.

You will learn:

  • The science behind Tabata/HIIT and its benefits
  • To create and instruct safe Total Body Tabata™ HIIT group fitness and small group training classes
  • To define and integrate the 5 Total Body Tabata™ elements of instruction: Recipe, Physical Execution, Instruction, Communication and Performance
  • To mix and match exercises and incorporate them into the Total Body Tabata™ Recipe


Good overview of tabata training. Efficiently presented with good mix of lecture, reading and practical (eg, workouts presented in realtime and entirety). There is some presentation on precautions but perhaps this could have been expanded but overall a good course as good as in studio trainings I've taken.

I took a class thorough IDEA, which was similar. I have been teaching HIIT for years, and I am glad to see it is still the rage.

IF you're looking for fast and easy CEC's than this is not a bad deal. IF you're looking for real theory and science behind HIIT/Tabata training to become a better group fitness instructor, then there are more in depth (and free) resources out there. WHAT YOU GET: Total Body Tabata is, in a way, another licensed training method. Though it doesn't require gyms to license, its structure is set up like other popular licensed workouts (LesMils, Zumba, etc.) It asks you to adhere to the basics of its module and pay for content to use in class. When you buy this program you get access to a short 11 chapter training manual (pdf) that includes things like a basic overview and history of HIIT/Tabata, TBT programming recipe, safety tips, and sample choreography. You also get access to training videos and 2, hour long classes. The program ends with a 50 question multiple choice quiz to certify. While some of the content in the manual is useful, the chapter videos are underwhelming word-for-word rehashes of the pdf. (and didn't even need to be included). It was helpful to see the actual TBT classes being taught; the instructor was confident, strong, and led a thoughtful class. But overall I found this instructor training lacking in it's breath of knowledge. Also it is terribly outdated. In one of the first videos the instructor comments that, "HIIT training is the fastest growing fitness trend of 2014" ... well it's 2019 and HIIT studios now dominate the group fitness scene. What have we learned and how can we continue to deliver safe and exciting programs to our clients? ACE and TBT need an update.