Provider: Twist Conditioning, Inc.
Type: Online Course
Online Quiz
CEC Credits: ACE 0.4 CECs

Learn to integrate push-pull exercises that incorporate balance and movement for truly effective results, developed by industry innovator Peter Twist. The Linked Strength system for chest and back trains the body to become more skillful and develop intelligent strength to meet the demands of everyday life and sports. Foster strength among your clients that allows them to transfer force from the legs through the core to the upper body.


You will learn:

  • How to implement the Twist Conditioning paradigm into training programs, including Sport Strength – Chest & Back exercises that foster true athleticism in clients
  • To build training programs for youth athletes, adult recreationalists and elite adult athletes using innovative Sport Strength – Chest & Back exercises
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of science and practical application related to implementing the Twist Conditioning paradigm and Sport Strength – Chest & Back exercises

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DVDs can be avoided. Pen drives are a better option nowadays.


It was a great course with a lot of awesome exercises I want to try.

This course is very outdated. The information is still good but the delivery is awful. Everything should be accessible online not via CD.